Product Development and Integrative Technology

University:UCL University College - Campus Odense
Location Odense, Denmark
Niels Bohrs Allé 1, 5230 Odense
Duration: years ( semesters)
Study start (Application deadline)
Tuition fee (EU/EEA/CH):0 EUR
Tuition fee (Non-EU):apx. 6 133 EUR (per semester)

If you wish to advance your qualifications within your area of profession, you should take a BA in product development and integrative technology

After finishing your academy profession degree, you can proceed directly with a bachelor’s degree. A BA Top-up in Product Development and Integrative Technology is a good opportunity to further develop your skills within your area of profession and also to experience interdisciplinary work across other fields of profession. Through this interdisciplinarity, you will achieve a role as an integrator which enables you to handle tasks that cut across different fields of profession.

After your graduation you are qualified for a job in a broad variety of companies ranging from consultancy companies to large industrial enterprises.


Programme structure

The programme contaions three fields of profession:

  • IT and electronics for IT and electronics engineers.
  • Installation and automation for installation contractors, automation engineers, and energy technologists.
  • Development of products and productions for production engineers.

International possibilities

International knowledge and experience is very useful for you and our society. You will get important insights into other countries’ culture, which will make you very attractive on the Danish and international job market.

International profile

As a student at UCL University College you can get an international profile during your study. Depending on your chosen study programme you can go on short international modules, study a semester or do your internship abroad, and participate in international projects.

Going abroad is an adventure, which will equip you with skills and experiences for life. You will develop your self both professionally and personally, and you will get friends and a network abroad.


Practical experience

One of the things that characterises the study programmes at UCL University College is that you will get a very practice-oriented education. You will e.g. work on practical cases in class, and work on projects with real businesses. However the most practice-oriented factor during the study is the internship, which is an integrated part on all studies at UCL.

The internship is your chance to use and test your knowledge and theory ‘in the real world’. The internship also gives you the opportunity to test what exactly you want to do with your education when you graduate.

When you need to find your first job as a graduate you will not only have theoretical knowledge, but also important experience on how it is to work in your specific field of interest.


After finishing the education, you can get a job in a broad variety of companies ranging from consultancy companies to large industrial enterprise.

The job opportunities lie mainly within development, construction, and completion of products and technical systems/solutions. This also includes handling managerial tasks within development and integration tasks.

The job functions you will be able to handle depend on your qualifying education, since this is what we build and expand on.

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