Multimedia Design

Multimedia Design

Business Academy Aarhus | Campus Ringvej Syd 104 | Aarhus, Denmark

Multimedia Design

University:Business Academy Aarhus - Campus Ringvej Syd 104
Location Aarhus, Denmark
Ringvej Syd 104, 8260 Aarhus
Duration: years
Study start (Application deadline)
Tuition fee (EU/EEA/CH):0 EUR
Study material fee: 100 EUR
Tuition fee (Non-EU):apx. 5 500 EUR (per semester)
Study material fee: 100 EUR

Get the necessary digital competencies and business understanding and become a multimedia designer

The Multimedia Design programme is a 2-year higher education for people who would like to get knowledge and skills within user interface design (UI), user experience design (UX), programming and business understanding. You’ll get a high academic level and hands-on work consisting of sketches and exams.


An AP Degree Programme in Multimedia Design qualifies students for key functions within a number of trades and industries. Typical areas of work could be digital media companies, service providers, production companies and educational institutions, both within the private and the public sector. You will work with subjects like digital design, content production, user experience design (UX design), frontend development and frontend design. 

The programme covers four semesters – each lasting 6 months – and contains a compulsory part and an elective part. The compulsory part contains courses within the following subject areas:

  • Design and programming of digital user interfaces
  • Design and programming of digital content
1st semester2nd semester3rd semester4th semester
Design and programming of
digital user interfaces I
(15 ECTS) Design and programming of
digital content I
(15 ECTS)
Design and programming of
digital user interfaces II
(15 ECTS) Design and programming of
digital content II
(15 ECTS)
(30 ECTS)
Examples: Frontend developer User experience specialist Content creator
(15 ECTS)

Main project
(15 ECTS)


During your fourth semester, you must complete a three-month internship in a company either in Denmark or abroad. This gives you an opportunity to develop a unique profile through in-depth study of topics of particular interest to you. 

After your internship, you finish your studies by preparing a main project, which you often complete in collaboration with a company in Denmark or abroad.


The teaching alternates between classroom teaching, assignments, cases, workshops and last, but not least, project work. For each semester, we spice up the teaching with a number of inspiring presentations and lectures by representatives from the business community and research institutions.

As a student on the Multimedia Design programme, you are expected to bring your own laptop which is suitable for multimedia production.


The multimedia designer is trained to work with digital design, user experience, frontend development and frontend design. A multimedia designer can combine text, sound, pictures, animated graphics and video so that the message is effectively presented by way of any interactive media.

Depending on your profile, your future job title could be:

You are therefore qualified for jobs within the fields of planning, designing, controlling and implementing different types of multimedia productions. Multimedia designers will be employed within various business sectors, typically within digital media.

  • Frontend designer
  • Frontend developer
  • UX designer
  • Content manager
  • Content creator
  • E-commerce developer


A programme from Business Academy Aarhus gives you good job possibilities and is, at the same time, a dynamic way to get a longer, higher education degree. See your options for further education here:

Bachelor’s degree

Build upon your Academy Profession degree and become a bachelor in 1½ years.

  • Web Development
  • Digital Concept Development
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Higher education abroad

We have agreements with a number of foreign educational institutions, who recognise our programmes and offer higher education at Bachelor and Master level.

Diploma degree programme (part-time)

A Diploma degree programme provides you with skills which are equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree programme. You educate yourself on a part-time basis while you work. You must have 2 years of professional experience in order to be admitted.

  • Web Development

More about the program: