Multimedia Design and Communication

Multimedia Design and Communication

Zealand Academy of Technologies and Business | Campus Køge | Koge, Denmark

Multimedia Design and Communication

University:Zealand Academy of Technologies and Business - Campus Køge
Location Koge, Denmark
Uddannelsesvej 22, 4600 Koge
Duration: years ( semesters)
Study start (Application deadline)
Tuition fee (EU/EEA/CH):apx. 0 EUR (per semester)
Tuition fee (Non-EU):apx. 4 362 EUR (per semester)

This knowledge allows you to be a participant in all stages of a production or a project coordinator of media work or multimedia production. Your future title, depending on your specialization profile, can be Multimedia designer, Webmaster, Web designer, Web developer, Project manager, Multimedia consultant, Media Planner, It-supporter or Network administrator.



In the compulsory part, you go through courses in the following subject areas:

  • The Business
  • Communication and Dissemination
  • Visualisation and Concept Development
  • Interaction Development

In the course of the programme, you will learn to comprehend organisational structures and processes in connection with multimedia development.

You will work across disciplines with, among other things:

communication and dissemination theories,
construction of websites,
graphic design,
data communication.
audio/video and 3D animation,
IT systems,


In the elective part, you must specialise in one of the four subject areas.

In your final examination project, you solve a concrete problem for a company in connection with a placement in that company.

Programme courses

The two-year-program is divided into four semesters.

During the first three semesters the programme you will be working with practical and theoretical areas covering the following subjects:

Communication Business and project management Media strategies for print and digital platforms
Visual design tools Marketing Designing and printed matter
Practical web design and programming Journalism Research

The fourth semester is a term of internship. You will be encouraged to utilize your education in a more practical manner. Internships with a variety of companies can be performed giving eight weeks of academic credit. During the internship, you will participate in the completion of several different tasks together with one or more of the company’s employees. You can choose to complete your internship in Denmark or abroad.


You will also be an intern in a business in which you can try out your competencies in practice. Academies cooperate with a large number of businesses, including local and international.


Teaching varies among classroom dialogue, projects and lectures. You will be working both independently and in teams.


During some of the classes, you participate in group work where you work together with fellow students solving difficult tasks.


The multimedia designer normally work with digital communication. A multimedia designer can combine text, sound, pictures, animated graphics and video so that the message is effectively presented by way of electronic medias such as web sites, CD ROMs, the internet, intranet etc.


Multimedia designers will be employed within various business sectors, typically within:

the telecommunications sector.

Potential employers could be companies that are in the process of developing and maintaining its communication and marketing strategy, like advertising agencies, newspapers, TV, e-business companies; organizations private and public, the options are endless.

Career options include professions as:

Frontend developer UX researcher
Web designer App developer
UX designer Interaction designer
Digital Concept developer Entrepreneur

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