Marketing Management

Marketing Management

Business Academy SouthWest | Campus Esbjerg | Esbjerg, Denmark

Marketing Management

University:Business Academy SouthWest - Campus Esbjerg
Location Esbjerg, Denmark
Spangsbjerg Kirkevej 103, 6700 Esbjerg
Duration: years ( semesters)
Study start (Application deadline)
Tuition fee (EU/EEA/CH):apx. 0 EUR (per semester)
Tuition fee (Non-EU):apx. 3 950 EUR (per semester)

You get basic knowledge of financial, legal, organisational, cultural and technological issues furthermore you receive insights regarding society that make you ready to work practically and systematically with marketing.

The course makes you an attractive team player and a valued planner of companies’ marketing activities in Denmark and internationally.

The course teaches you about all the factors that influence a sale situation such as international trade relations, communication between vendors and customers, financial management and commercial law.

While you are on the course, you will meet companies through cases and also company visits. The course includes an internship.


The Marketing Management course is a two-year further training course that spans over four semesters. The course has five core subject areas and also includes electives, an internship and a final exam project.

The course comprises the following core subjects:

  • International marketing
  • Finance
  • Sales and Market communication
  • Commercial law
  • Organisation and Supply Chain Management


You have an internship in Semester Three. You decide yourself if this is with a company in Denmark or with a company abroad.


The programme is theory-based and job-oriented, i.e. it aims at qualifying students for solving practical problems on an analytical basis.


Teaching varies between lectures and classroom instruction. Theory is constantly targeted towards practical application in the industry. Students work primarily in teams, and all the semesters are based heavily on project work.


The Marketing Manager course qualifies you for a range of different jobs within marketing, sales and purchasing, depending on your interests.

As a Marketing Manager you are qualified to work for a large or a small company. Many small companies will let you handle all kinds of aspects within marketing while large companies will typically let you handle a special field.

These are some of the positions that you are qualified to hold:

  • Marketing coordinator
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Export Assistant
  • Advertising consultant
  • Sales Assistant
  • Purchasing asssistant


When you have completed the Marketing Management course you can apply to be admitted to several further training courses – for example:

  • Top-up International Sales & Marketing
  • You can also apply to be admitted to other further training courses where you have the required qualifications

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