International Business

University:Häme University of Applied Sciences - Campus Valkeakoski
Location Valkeakoski, Finland
Tietotie 1, 37630 Valkeakoski
Duration: years ( semesters)
Study start (Application deadline)
Tuition fee (EU/EEA/CH):0 EUR
Tuition fee (Non-EU):4 850 EUR (per semester)


Your study path will be constructed of modules focusing on our three main educational pilars, where the focus is on International Management, Global Markets and Business Development. We implement studies by combining theory and practice with an entrepreneurial mindset.

About programme

International Business Degree Content

Our objective is to educate experts in International Management and Global Markets. We co-operate with numerous companies in the region offering you the possibility to put theory into practice. You will have an opportunity to plan extensive business projects and participate in organizing larger events. The most successful learning methods are projects utilizing real company assignments.

You will acquire practical knowledge of planning, organising and managing international business operations, including import/export activities. Our focus lies on communication and cooperation skills as well as on entrepreneurial thinking. By being active, you can build important networks.

BBA Core Competencies, 90 cr

The basic studies include language and communication skills, professional growth skills and field-of-study-specific studies.

Professional Profiling Competencies, 60 cr

The professional studies provide the students with professional knowledge and skills in international and global markets as well as international operations and management. The student will follow the career path of either International Management or Global Markets. These profiling studies consist of modules like Industrial Service Business, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Marketing Management, Doing Business in the European Union and Doing Business with the Chinese. 
In addition you are able to select 15 credits from alternative profiling studies, for example Global Fashion Business or you can choose  the studies from another specialized field within other degree programmes in HAMK, other universities in Finland or abroad.

Work Placement, 30 cr

During the work placement studies you will become familiar with the central tasks of an international business expert and put your skills into practice. You can carry out you work placement  in a company related to your studies in any country.
The work placement is an important part of your studies. It introduces you to work tasks essentially related to your chosen career path and deepens your knowledge and skills in practical business situations. This will improve your career placement after graduation. The work placement can be taken either in Finland or abroad. 

Research and Development Skills and Final Thesis, 30 cr

During your period of study, you will learn to conduct quantitative and qualitative surveys, and how to apply relevant scientific insights, theories and concepts. You will understand how to combine several subjects, to gather information and draw conclusions in a methodical and reflective manner. You will develop skills which allows you to act carefully and punctually and to produce output that is literate, numerate and coherent.
In your final thesis you will demonstrate your knowledge and competences in your specific professional field. Often the assignments and topics come from real companies. Most students find the topic from the organization where they have performed their work placement. This helps you to build professional networks and may even open possibilities for employment in the company in question. In the thesis report you will show both your theoretical knowledge and your competence to apply it in solving practical problems. You need not struggle with the thesis on your own. There are good instructions and you will have a supervisor to help you over the critical points. 

Company Cooperation

A modern educational organization has to face many different challenges. Even institutes focusing on degree-oriented education have to be more and more aware of the needs that businesses face, and engage in active co-operation with them. Companies expect graduated students to already have professional skills and practical experience. The universities are also expected to have expertise to solve practical problems and to help companies to develop new products and services.
The International Business programme is focusing on business-life oriented pedagogical solutions integrated into RDI and connects the studies closely to work organization development processes. The practical RDI approach also generates motivating learning environments for the students. There are more than 30 ECTS project courses in the International Business programme (Marketing Project, Operational Project, Int’l Management Project, Market Entry project, Global Marketing Project, Market Entry Project – China, Marketing Ring, Int’l Events, Marketing Research and Planning) this is in addition to the final thesis and internship. The main purpose of RDI is to develop international business organizations through the students’ course assignments, internships and final thesis.

Practical Business Project

Practical Business Project is a special course of the degree programme in International Business designed to give the students the possibility of carrying out a concrete business project. The course teaches a student how to apply professional knowledge to solve practical problems, work independently and in a responsible way, communicate a professional level with company contacts and plan and manage time so that the deadlines are met.

International Studies

You can enhance your learning experience through HAMK’s wide network of partner universities outside Finland

Career opportunities

We have a collage of nationalities and cultures coming together to create a truly international environment. Throughout your studies you will be working in cross-cultural teams and developing professional business expertise. Presentation skills and confidence are one of the key competencies you will acquire during your studies. Our global staff engages with students and encourages them to reach their best professional potential.

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