Global Business Engineering

Global Business Engineering

VIA University College | Campus Aarhus | Aarhus, Denmark

Global Business Engineering

University:VIA University College - Campus Aarhus
Location Aarhus, Denmark
Ceresbyen 24, 8000 Aarhus
Duration: years ( semesters)
Study start (Application deadline)
Tuition fee (EU/EEA/CH):apx. 0 EUR (per semester)
Tuition fee (Non-EU):apx. 6 777 EUR (per semester)

In this programme you will learn about subjects such as natural science, engineering, economics and marketing. You will gain insight into e.g. export and globalisation. The programme qualifies you to develop export strategies and work with marketing and sales in a global context.

The programme is an interdisciplinary engineering programme aimed at marketing and selling products and projects across cultural and language boundaries. Focus is on exporting, globalisation and international trade, as well as gaining insights into and understanding of other cultures.


In the programme, you will work in the cross-fields between technology, language and economics. You will learn how to devise export strategies that are favourable for a given corporation, that is, it can sell its products on the world market. After 4½ years you will graduate with the academic title of Bachelor of Engineering.

Subject areas

1. Engineering subjects, such as Material Studies, Studies in Force, Machinery, Process Technology, Electronics and Micro-processing Technology. In addition, there will be subjects such as Integrated Product Development, Internet and Object-oriented Programming and Design, E-Business and Business Development

2. Economics and Marketing, for example, National and International Economics, and Operational and Marketing Economics. Also, Market Analysis, Financing, Export Marketing, Logistics, and Industrial Marketing

3. Natural science subjects, such as Mathematics, Physics, chemistry, Work Environment and External Environmental Studies and Multimedia

4. Language, English is compulsory. The second foreign language of study could be German, French or Spanish

You will primarily learn theory through practical assignments 

Science and technology make up two-thirds of the study programme. Business, language and communication courses make up the last third.

Teaching is structured around class tutorials, assignments, lab exercises and workshop practice. Classes are small so as to facilitate group discussions and provide more individualised attention.

Focus is on active student-centred learning, to enable your development of critical thinking and interpersonal skills.

1st and 2nd semesters: Core engineering, business and communication courses

During the first two semesters, all students take core courses. These will give you the basic skills you need regardless of your field of interest and future specialisation. Courses include mathematics, applied engineering, global business communication, intercultural business communication and international marketing as well as study skills.

In both semesters, you will work in teams on a project that combines topics from several courses. A semester project may focus on, for instance, robotics, marketing and communication.

3rd and 4th semesters: Core and specialisation courses 

These semesters will build on the previous semesters’ subjects. In the second year of the degree, you will also begin to shape your own engineering profile. 

You can specialise in either mechanical engineering or software engineering in combination with a number of business and communication courses. You could, for instance, choose specialisation courses within the fields of renewable energy, intelligent mechanics or Java programming.

Besides engineering, core courses include mathematics, financial management, business economics, innovation and a second language: German, French, Spanish or Danish. Semester projects may focus on renewable energy or innovation.

5th and 7th semesters: Core courses, electives and specialisation courses 

You will study advanced courses within engineering, management & strategy as well as languages. 

In the 5th semester, the semester project may focus on innovative product development or on the implementation of software systems in combination with marketing. In the 7th semester, you will work on a more comprehensive project, which will prepare you well for the bachelor thesis.

Please note that from the 5th semester, all courses are taught in Horsens.

6th semester: Studies abroad or specialisation courses 

In order for you to gain invaluable international experience and to boost your future career options, we offer you a unique opportunity to study abroad. We recommend that you spend a semester abroad through a student exchange programme. You may also continue your studies in Horsens instead of going abroad. There is a wide range of electives to choose from within the fields of mechanical engineering or software engineering as well as global business development.

8th semester: Internship 

During this semester, you will do an internship in a company in Denmark or abroad. The internship gives you the opportunity to acquire invaluable work experience in a challenging environment and to put into practice the knowledge you have gained during your studies.

9th semester: Electives and Bachelor Thesis 

You will continue choosing from a wide range of electives depending on your interests and specialisation. In the 9th semester, you will prepare your final project – the Bachelor Thesis. The thesis is challenging and integrates the skills and concepts you have learned during the entire educational programme. The Bachelor Thesis is typically a real-life project for a company, carried out in pairs of two or groups of three students. 


The study programme takes 4½ years including six months work placement. Teaching varies between lectures and classroom instruction. In addition, there is often project work together with other students.

Job opportunities

As a graduate, you can look forward to excellent employment prospects worldwide.

The hallmark of the programme is the international focus and the inter-disciplinary skills, which will make you attractive to a wide range of companies.

Global business engineers operate primarily in the industrial market, particularly in the fields of mechanical engineering and software engineering.

The degree qualifies you to fill managerial positions within design and implementation of technical solutions as well as within marketing and sales.

Your first job might be as a project manager, export manager or product manager.

Planning your future career

The Career Service Centre helps your transition from being a student to being a part of the working world. They offer advice about your career options and organise Company Dating, thus enabling students and companies to hold initial, informal meetings.

Further education

Following your graduation, you will have the opportunity to complement your bachelor’s degree with a master’s programme in Denmark or abroad. You may also apply for one of the diploma programmes at VIA University College.

Available programmes:

Aalborg University: Management Engineering, MSc.

Aalborg University: Operations and Supply Chain Management, MSc.

Aarhus University (programme taught in Herning): Technology Based Business Development, MSc.

International opportunities

A study abroad experience provides global insight and perspective.

To enrich the study experience and nurture cultural diversity on campus, we encourage our students to study abroad and we welcome foreign students from partner institutions. 

Many Global Business Engineering students spend the 6th semester abroad through student exchange programmes with one of our international partner institutions.

Internship abroad

You may also choose to do your internship at an international company outside of Denmark. Both possibilities give you the opportunity to experience life in another culture.

Today’s business world is a global marketplace, and so having experience of studying abroad is something many companies would like to see on your CV.

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