Financial Management and Services

Financial Management and Services

Business Academy Aarhus | Campus Sønderhøj 7G | Aarhus, Denmark

Financial Management and Services

University:Business Academy Aarhus - Campus Sønderhøj 7G
Location Aarhus, Denmark
Sønderhøj 7G, 8260 Aarhus
Duration: years ( semesters)
Study start (Application deadline)
Tuition fee (EU/EEA/CH):0 EUR
Study material fee: 100 EUR
Tuition fee (Non-EU):apx. 3 500 EUR (per semester)
Study material fee: 100 EUR

Collaboration with the financial sector

The 3½-year Bachelor’s programme in Financial Management and Services was developed in close collaboration with representatives from the financial sector. Thus, the financial sector has a great influence on both the programme structure and the academic content of the programme, which means that the programme matches the competencies required by the financial sector.

Go abroad as part of your degree

You can study, join a summer school or take your internship abroad during the programme.


The programme is divided into seven semesters. During the first three semesters, you will study the basic subjects that are important to everybody working with complex advisory tasks in the financial sector, including business economics, counselling and ethics, economics, communication and sales. The last four semesters consists of an industry specialisation, an internship period and a Bachelor’s project. 

Teaching at this programme takes place as lectures, classroom instruction, presentations, cases and projects and company visits.

1st semester2nd semester3rd semester 4th semester 
Business understanding and products 
(5 ECTS)  Communication 
(5 ECTS)  Business economics 
(10 ECTS)  Business and finance law 
(5 ECTS)  Scientific method and philosophy of science 
(5 ECTS)
Selling: private customers 
(5 ECTS)  Business economics 
(5 ECTS)  Personal financial advice, ethics 
(10 ECTS) Microeconomics 
(5 ECTS)  Business and finance law 
(5 ECTS)
Cultural understanding
(5 ECTS)  Organisation 
(5 ECTS)  Marketing 
(5 ECTS)  Macroeconomics 
(5 ECTS)  International financial markets 
(5 ECTS)  Statistics 
(5 ECTS) 
Project management 
(5 ECTS) Sales II:
business customers
(5 ECTS) Management accounting
(5 ECTS) Business taxation
(5 ECTS) External accounts A
(10 ECTS)
5th semester6th semester7th semester 
(30 ECTS)  
Business development and innovation
(5 ECTS) Financing and financial risk management
(5 ECTS) Strategy and management accounting B
(15 ECTS) Elective module
(5 ECTS)
Elective module 
(5 ECTS) Elective module
(5 ECTS) Bachelor’s project
(20 ECTS)

An international education

The Financial Management and Services programme also contains a compulsory international module, which can be completed as a semester abroad or as a course in Denmark. 

The industry specialisation part

The industry specialisation part consists of two subject periods, where you specialise in accounting. Please note that accounting is the only possible specialisation for international students. The industry specialisation part is organised so that the subject (accounting) is placed in the 4th semester and will serve as preparation for your internship period during the 5th semester. The subjects placed in the 6th semester are intended to serve as follow-up and will provide competency development after your internship period. In this way, you will get the best of both the subjects and your internship. 


The 5th semester of the programme is set aside for a 5-month internship in a company. Your internship can either take place in Denmark or abroad, but please note that it is your own responsibility to find a company and that it can prove difficult to find an internship in Denmark. The programme is concluded with a Bachelor’s thesis based on a business issue within the industry of your particular specialisation. The thesis will typically be prepared in collaboration with a company.


People who qualify as a Bachelor of Financial Management and Services typically end up working within accounting and finance. This qualification with its international dimension will provide you with a solid career foundation that matches the requirements of the increasingly globalised world of finance.

Career options include:

  • Customer advisor
  • Business client advisor
  • Investment advisor
  • Realtor – both private and business
  • Real estate administrator
  • Financial consultant
  • Insurance advisor
  • Mortgage employee


A programme from Business Academy Aarhus gives you good job possibilities and is, at the same time, a dynamic way to get a longer, higher education degree.

See your options for further education here: 

Higher education abroad

We have agreements with a number of foreign educational institutions, who recognise our programmes and offer higher education at Bachelor and Master level.

Earn yourself a Master’s degree

The programme enables you to enroll for a postgraduate programme at a master’s level. Since this programme is at the same level as a bachelor’s degree from a university, you can later enroll for a relevant master’s degree at a university in Denmark or abroad. 

One option if you want to dip into the university environment, is to enroll for a subject at a university, for example in the last semester of the programme where there is a series of electives (1 – 3) worth 15 ECTS.

More about the program: