Digital Concept Development

University:Zealand Academy of Technologies and Business - Campus Køge
Location Koge, Denmark
Uddannelsesvej 22, 4600 Koge
Duration: years ( semesters)
Study start (Application deadline)
Tuition fee (EU/EEA/CH):apx. 0 EUR (per semester)
Tuition fee (Non-EU):apx. 4 295 EUR (per semester)

Study Management in Denmark! Meet the challenge – skilled, motivated and competent supervisors are in great demand.

Graduates of the Digital Concept Development programme are qualified to develop concepts for digital platforms for businesses that work with digital trade, e-marketing, digital advertising and digital services. You will graduate with the academic title Bachelor in Digital Concept Development.
On the programme, you will learn to work with the development of concepts for all digital platforms on a strategic and practical level.

The Commerce Management programme aims to qualify you to work in Service Centres all around the world with a variety of career opportunities. Typical jobs would be positions such as supervisor, project manager or business planner in the retail, logistics and tourist sector.


The commerce management programme is a two year Academic Program. The education is organized as a combination of lessons and a practical education in an internship in one or more companies in Denmark or abroad. The internship is designed as a long uninterrupted progress so that the company can have sufficiently complex tasks completed, and the student can acquire a thorough experience in professional practice.

The Commerce Management programme gives you an academic background for continuing your studies with the Bachelor in International Sales and Marketing.

The Digital Concept Development programme is aimed at students with a desire to work with concept development of digital commerce and serviceplatforms on a visually strategic and practical level.

Some of our subjects:

Digitale trends Intercultural Relationships & Communications E-learning User Research
Servicedesign Philosophy of Science Start ups Project Management
Storytelling Interface- and Interaction Design Leisure Economy Communication
Experience Economy User-driven innovation E-commerce Marketing

The program offers a mix of E-Commerce and E-Design and students will obtain a wide knowledge of digital communication and social media marketing. The teaching will take place in a multi-cultural environment with emphasis on teamwork, project work and close relationship to companies and organisations.

The program qualifies you for jobs within the following areas: Development of digital advertising, social media strategy, communication and design concepts for interactive digital advertising/marketing solutions, Strategically based concept development of e-shops/e-commerce solutions and e-marketing as well as administrative, monitoring and analytic operation and further development of e-shops/e-commerce solutions.

The program qualifies also for master programs at ITU, AALBORG CPH and CBS.

The Bachelor of Digital Concept Development Programme is a 1,5 year top-up to that requires an AP Degree for admission. For further information look under ‘Admission’.

Programme courses

Programme information:

The two-year-program is divided into four semesters, 120 ECTS. During the first two semesters of the programme the following subjects are offered:

The first semester is structured on the basis of two main projects:

  • Market and Society
  • The Company’s external environment
These are the subjects:

Personal Development, Creative Problem Solving, Controlling and Planning, Organization and Leadership, Customer Relationship Management, Legislation, Business Communication, International relations, Marketing and Sales, Statistical Analysis and Measurement

The second semester is structured on the basis of two main projects:

  • The Company’s Internal Environment
  • From theory to Practice

The student can choose from the following two subjects:

  • Sales Management or
  • Business Economics
The third and fourth semester – Internship:

The internship takes place in the third and fourth semester and is combined with seminars, examinations and a final project (dissertation). The student is thus able to ensure a good theoretical foundation in the first year before the paid internship begins.


You can choose between courses in either e-commerce or e-design.

E-commerce covers topics in:

  • Strategic concept and business development
  • Technology
  • E-commerce
  • Marketing
  • Communication

E-design covers topics in:

  • Digital design development with focus on service design
  • Intercultural relations and aesthetics, design and identity
  • Digital genres
The general subject areas:
  • E-concept development
  • E-project management
  • User experience (UX) and theory of science


The programme is taught using a combination of traditional methods, independent problem solving, projects and group work. There is a three month internship.


Developing concepts within digital trade, e-marketing, digital advertising and digital services

With a degree in Digital Concept Development you will be capable of creating the user experiences of the future on the Internet.

You will typically find a job in e-trading companies, Internet and design agencies, advertising agencies working with digital media or in businesses working with digital marketing functions.

As examples you could be employed as:

  • E-shop manager
  • Retail e-shop manager
  • Concept developer of multimedia or digital media
  • Project manager of digital communication solutions for an agency or a company
  • Cross media designer
  • E-marketing assistant
  • Web designer, cross media.

More about the program: