Digital Concept Development

University:UCN University College of Northern Denmark - Campus Sofiendalsvej
Location Aalborg, Denmark
Sofiendalsvej 60, 9200 Aalborg
Duration: years ( semesters)
Study start (Application deadline)
Tuition fee (EU/EEA/CH):apx. 0 EUR (per semester)
Tuition fee (Non-EU):apx. 4 773 EUR (per semester)

Do you want to develop the digital presence of different businesses? And work strategically with design thinking focusing on E-commerce or Digital Design?

If you have an AP Degree in Design, Technology and Business, Multimedia Design, Marketing Management, E-design or Computer Science, you are qualified to study the top-up programme in Digital Concept Development.


In this study programme you will achieve knowledge, skills and competences in strategic, operational and business-oriented aspects of digital concept development based on the principles of design thinking. You learn to develop concepts that combine different disciplines such as design and e-commerce, communication and marketing, concept and business development, user understanding, technology understanding and project management.

Graduates of Digital Concept Development will fit into businesses that work with or are in need of the conceptual and user-oriented perspective to create value within e-commerce and design. Examples of these could be advertising, design and web agencies as well as communication and marketing departments in businesses, institutions and organisations.

Programme structure

The Bachelor Degree programme in Digital Concept Development is of 1.5 years’ duration and covers 3 semesters. The programme includes compulsory subjects as well as lines of specialisations where you can tailor your education to your own needs and interests.

Programme objective

The objective of the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Digital Concept Development is to teach the graduate the necessary skills to independently carry out strategic and business-oriented concept development, primarily on digital platforms and with a global perspective.

The degree programme also enables the graduate to work with digital strategic development of commerce, design, marketing and communication concepts for interactive digital solutions with a global perspective.

Description of the programme

Lessons will be a combination of taught relevant theory as well as practical hands-on learning. This means that project groups will develop digital communications solutions concurrently with being taught individual subjects.


Try out theories and methods hands-on during your 3 month internship on the Digital Concept Development programme

The internship takes place in the 3rd (and final) semester from September until November.

It is your opportunity to test the theory and methods that you have learnt in practice in a company where you and the company will collaborate on the solution of a practise-related problem.

It is possible to pack your books and add an international aspect to your acquired knowledge during your internship or during the preparation of your bachelor project.

International opportunities

It is possible to give your education an international twist

You can go on an internshipt abroad during the course of your education at UCN.

Why go abroad?

If you choose to do an internship abroad, you will no doubt develop — personally as well as professionally. You will broaden your horizons and develop your language and professional skills:

  • This will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to challenge yourself, to increase and develop your intercultural competencies — and an opportunity to return enlightened and enriched.
  • You will also add an international dimension to your CV.
  • Most contemporary businesses need employees possessing intercultural competencies gained in today’s multi-cultural world.
  • An internship abroad will improve your ability to consider matters from an innovative and different perspective.

If you do your internship abroad you will get an insight into how a foreign business organisation operates and become part of another country’s culture. You will achieve language and intercultural competencies that you will never forget.

At the same time, you will also get a unique chance to create networks – very early on in your career – that are likely to come in handy in the future while expanding your knowledge of different businesses. An internship abroad will no doubt improve your career opportunities in Denmark and internationally.

You should know that it is your responsibility to find an internship host company. However, the International Coordinator at the International Office at your address is ready to offer advice and guidance on visa rules, grants applications, deadlines and much more.

Jobs and careers

As a graduate you will be able to handle many different kinds of jobs

Here are a few examples:

  • E-shop manager, e-commerce,
  • Retail e-shop manager, e-commerce,
  • Concept developer within digital media; advert, design or web bureau; the communication/marketing function of a large company or organisation,
  • Project manager, development and further development of digital communications solutions,
  • Cross media designer, Art director,
  • Web designer, art director (as cross-media designer, but more oriented towards the internet),
  • E-marketing,
  • Entrepreneur, e.g. e-commerce, digital communications agency, freelancer.

Further education

Graduating from the Digital Concept Development programme at UCN gives you opportunities for a Master’s degree abroad

Master’s study opportunities abroad 

UCN’s specialised study programmes are aimed at students who want to start their working life immediately after having completed their education. However, if you do not wish to start your working life at once, you can look into the possibility of studying further to achieve a Master’s degree abroad.

Usually, you will be qualified to be enrolled in most of the Master’s degree programmes within the field of your Bachelor’s degree.

However, it may be difficult to be enrolled in the highest ranking and most sought-after Master’s degree programmes, as these only have a limited intake.

The foreign university typically requires information about the courses you have completed as well as the scope of these courses. Furthermore, they will require information about your grades and ECTS credits as well as a reference to the curriculum for your specific study programme.

As we have experienced that our students request individualised solutions, UCN has decided not to establish specific cooperation agreements with foreign universities. Therefore, you have to explore your opportunities yourself.

If you feel that finding a university is a bit overwhelming, it might be beneficial to address an organisation that helps organise studies abroad; primarily in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Hong Kong, England, Canada, Hawaii etc.

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