Digital Concept Development

University:Business Academy Aarhus - Campus Ringvej Syd 104
Location Aarhus, Denmark
Ringvej Syd 104, 8260 Aarhus
Duration: years ( semesters)
Study start (Application deadline)
Tuition fee (EU/EEA/CH):0 EUR
Study material fee: 100 EUR
Tuition fee (Non-EU):apx. 5 500 EUR (per semester)
Study material fee: 100 EUR

The programme is a top-up degree for AP degrees in Multimedia Design and Communication, Marketing Management, Design Technology and Business and Computer Science. It has been developed in cooperation with advertising agencies, web agencies and e-commerce companies. The programme takes 1½ years and is a dynamic way to get a longer, higher education degree and additional job opportunities.

Get strategic and practical knowledge about digital concepts

With a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Concept Development you will be qualified to develop digital concepts that support the company’s activities on digital platforms. You will be well equipped to carry out strategic considerations, plan tactical guidelines and develop practical solutions which focus on communication and user experience.

You’ll get to work with the subject through dialogue-based teaching, project-orientated group work and individual assignments. We prioritise having continuous cooperation with relevant companies and organisations who contribute with concrete cases, experience and knowledge.

Do you want to be a web designer or social media manager?

You will get competencies within digital commerce, digital marketing, digital design and digital communication. You will get knowledge and tools that qualify you for a job within the strategic and practical concept development of online services, digital commerce solutions and digital marketing.

You will be qualified to work in companies where the running, development and further development of digital commerce, digital communication and design concepts and interactive digital solutions are all in focus. You can be employed, for example, as an digital commerce manager, online marketing consultant, concept developer of digital solutions or a web designer.


The programme consists of three semesters. 

1st semester2nd semester3rd semester
Concept development and value creation (10 ECTS)
Project management (5 ECTS)
User research and methodology (5 ECTS)
Understanding technology (5 ECTS)
Philosophy of science (5 ECTS)
Digital communication and marketing (10 ECTS)
User experience (15 ECTS)
Elective module (5 ECTS)

Internship (15 ECTS)
Bachelor’s project (15 ECTS) Read more about the third semester

Go abroad as part of your degree

You can study, join a summer school or take your internship abroad during the programme.


By studying Digital Concept Development,  you will be able to create future user experiences on the web or other digital platforms.

You will typically find jobs within:

  • Web and design agencies: these could be agencies with e-commerce as a speciality or agencies who are more broadly based within the field of digital communication, concept design or digital marketing.
  • Advertising agencies with a digital profile
  • Companies or organisations with digital marketing functions: these could be all companies that have an internal digital marketing and communication function or companies who want to develop their digital profile.
  • E-commerce solutions: these could be companies that only work within e-commerce or companies who also have traditional sales. 

Your job may for example be:

  • a digital designer
  • a project manager or project assistant
  • a UX designer/consultant
  • a social media coordinator
  • an SEO & analytics consultant
  • a digital content coordinator
  • a front end developer


A programme from Business Academy Aarhus gives you good job possibilities and is, at the same time, a dynamic way to get a longer, higher education degree.

See your options for further education here:

Higher education abroad

We have agreements with a number of foreign educational institutions, who recognise our programmes and offer higher education at Master level.

Other options for higher education

With a Bachelor of Digital Concept Development, you can apply for admission to a relevant master’s degree programme in Denmark. For further information on how to apply for credit approval and any requested supplementary subjects etc., please contact the institution that you wish to apply for admittance to.

More about the program: