Design, Technology & Business – Specialization in Branding & Marketing Management

University:VIA Design - Campus Herning
Location Herning, Denmark
Birk Centerpark 5, 7400 Herning
Duration: years ( semesters)
Study start (Application deadline)
Tuition fee (EU/EEA/CH):0 EUR
Tuition fee (Non-EU):apx. 7 500 EUR (per semester)
Application fee: 100 EUR

Do you want to work in the fashion and lifestyle industry? At the AP in Design, Technology & Business, you can specialise in either Fashion design or Branding and marketing – all in an international and high profile industry.

About programme

Design, Technology & Business gives you an understanding of the whole fashion and lifestyle branch. 

The programme spreads over 4 semesters, which is two years. You can choose between these specialties:

  • Fashion Design
  • Branding and Marketing Management

All are focused on the fashion and lifestyle branch. 

The programme is organised so you get a broad understanding of the whole fashion and lifestyle branch as well as a profound knowledge of your chosen speciality. 

Common core programme

During the first semester, all AP undergraduates follow the same common core programme centred on design, business and knowledge of materials. You develop a deeper understanding of all aspects of the design and business branch. 

Every semester concludes with an oral or written examination. 

Focus on your speciality

After the first semester, you will focus on your chosen speciality. You will also get the opportunity to improve your skills through elective subjects of your own interest. 

Internship period

During the third semester, all students will have a compulsory 9-week internship in a private company of your own choice. As an intern in a real company, you will get valuable knowledge of how different professions are interrelated. Numerous students choose to do their internship outside Denmark with one of our many co-operative partners. 

Final assignment

You will finish your AP degree with a written assignment followed by an oral examination. The assignment will be based on a formulation of a problem made by the student in collaboration with a company. 

After graduation, you have the skills to get a job in the fashion and lifestyle branch, or you can continue your studies with a BA top-up programme.


There are 2 specialities at the AP degree programme in Design, Technology and Business.

You must select specialty before you begin the programme. You choose speciality when you take the entrance assignment. 

Read more about the different specialities: 

  • Branding & Marketing Management 
  • Fashion Design 

Specialization in Branding & Marketing Management

The speciality provides you with a basic understanding of branding and marketing and how it’s used in the fashion and lifestyle sector.  

Branding & Marketing Management is an area of specialisation on the Academy Profession (AP) Degree in Design, Technology & Business and is located in Herning.  

Here you will get the opportunity to work with other international students that share your passion for branding and marketing. 

You learn to communicate, plan and carry through visual and strategic marketing for a specific target group. As a starting point for this programme, you will analyse a brand’s values as well as trends and tendencies in the global consumer market. You learn how to use various marketing channels, e.g. digital, and print media, and you will gain insights as to choosing the right channels for your concept. 

With an AP degree in Branding and Marketing Management you get to work in teams with marketing professionals as well as designers, web managers etc. from the fashion and lifestyle sector. As a result, we aim to provide you with a broad knowledge of the variety of professions you may encounter once you finish your education. Hence, you will experience a broad collaboration with the other international students from the various specialities at the AP degree in Design, Technology & Business.  

Career guidance 

With an AP degree in Branding and Marketing Management you have the chance to work as an assistant within the fashion and lifestyle sector. 

You can become part of a creative team which ensures the best marketing of a company’s products. 

You have acquired strategic and creative competencies within the area of branding and you will be able to work with existing brands as well as new brands and concepts. Taking a thorough analysis of the brand as well as trends and tendencies on the market as your starting point, you will communicate, plan and carry through marketing measures aimed at existing target groups – both strategically and visually. You will learn to employ various marketing channels – from homepages to outdoor – and you will gain insight regarding how to choose the right channels for your concept. 

Most of our AP degree graduates choose to follow a BA top-up programme, which gives you access to a wider range of career prospects. 


Learning to apply theory in practice is critical for your future career in the fashion and lifestyle industry.

During the third semester, you will get the chance to try out your skills in an internship at a company of your own choice. 

Your internship can take its starting point in your speciality and involve the various disciplines in the company. 

The purpose of the internship is to give you a basic insight into the work processes of creative companies, so you can understand the importance of close co-operation between the various functions. You will also learn to work in interdisciplinary teams. 

After the internship, you must hand in a written assignment followed by an oral examination. 

The list below gives you examples of companies that welcome interns from Design, Technology & Business: 

  • Barbara I Gongini 
  • Bestseller A/S 
  • Baum Und Pferdgarten 
  • Designers Remix Collection A/S 
  • Lolly’s Laundry 
  • ScanZa – Zanzibar 
  • This Way – Shanghai 
  • Toonari News & Media 
  • Won Hundred ApS

International opportunities

Out of the 1,400 students enrolled at VIA Design, about 400 are foreign students – from nearly 30 countries.

Working relationships have been established with a number of universities and educational establishments around the world, and more are being added. This enables our students to improve their skills outside Denmark during or after completion of their study programmes.

Exchange – studying outside Denmark

China, the UK, Canada, the Netherlands, Finland – you can study anywhere you like. The fashion and lifestyle sector is a global industry, so studying outside Denmark is a natural part of your education and will not prolong your studies. 

During your time of study, you have the opportunity to go abroad as an exchange student. This is possible during your 3rd semester. The duration of a study period outside Denmark is normally one semester – corresponding to 3-5 months.

Read more about VIAs bilateral agreements

Internship outside Denmark

Why not do your mandatory internship outside of Denmark? This will give you the chance to get to know a culture and way of living that is different from your own. You will gain linguistic and intercultural skills that may be useful in your future career. You will also get the chance to extend your network at an early stage of your career – and a good network will probably be very useful to you later on. 

The duration of a internship period is 9-12 weeks

New York City, India, China, Thailand, Canada – the world is your oyster. Please ask the student counselling service for advice. The internship can be done at companies and research centres in the private or public sector. 

Study trips

During your studies you will be given the opportunity to go on study trips based on specific themes. 

Whether the trips are in Denmark or other countries, the goal is to learn about companies within the fashion or lifestyle sector. This will provide you with experience and knowledge useful in your future career.

BA top-up degrees and MA degrees abroad

With an AP degree or a Bachelor’s degree from VIA Design, you have the opportunity to continue your education abroad. We have agreements with universities in various countries. You must observe the procedures of the university at which you wish to enrol. 

More about the program: