Design, Technology and Business

University:KEA Copenhagen School of Design and Technology - Campus Guldbergsgade
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Guldbergsgade 29N, 2200 Copenhagen
Duration: years
Study start (Application deadline)
Tuition fee (EU/EEA/CH):0 EUR
Tuition fee (Non-EU):6 000 EUR (per semester)
Application fee: 100 EUR

If you are dreaming of a degree programme in which you can combine creativity with cutting-edge knowledge in fashion, lifestyle, marketing and communication, the Design, Technology and Business Academy Profession Programme may be just the thing for you.


The degree programme takes 4 semesters, and as an international student, you may choose the Marketing & Communication Design specialization.

The specialisation is aimed at a marketing and communication career.

The four semesters give you comprehensive insight into industry value chains from concept and idea to product development, procurement and production, as well as sales and marketing, and you acquire specialised knowledge and competencies in the specialisation to which you are admitted.

The Design, Technology and Business Academy Profession programme provides you with the latest knowledge and competencies in design methods, trends, materials, production, communication and business models. You will collaborate with both local and global companies during your studies.

Admission to the Design, Technology and Business Academy Profession Programme requires that you pass an admission test.


As an international student in the Design, Technology and Business Academy Profession Programme, you specialise in Marketing & Communication Design.


  • Branding and development of identity
  • Visual and written marketing
  • Conceptual communication

The Design, Technology and Business Academy Profession Programme is a 2-year academy profession degree programme (corresponding to 120 ECTS).


During the first semester, you will, together with the other Design, Technology and Business students, study the core areas Design, Business and Technology. The teaching in the core areas is all structured around a number of tools and skills that will enable you to solve problems independently and in collaboration with your fellow students. You will acquire knowledge about, among other elements, the following methods and skills:

  • Trends and culture
  • Corporate identity and finances
  • Target group
  • Mood board and Photoshop (Adobe)
  • Research methods
  • Concept Development – Design Thinking
  • Prototyping
  • InDesign (Adobe) & Portfolio


Your specialisation is placed in the second and third semesters, and you will focus on theory, method and practice through exercises, assignments and projects in cooperation with companies.


During the last part of the third semester, you will also do a 10-week internship with a company in Denmark or abroad.


In the fourth semester, you can take elective subjects that allow you to tailor your specialisation to your interests or career plans. During the last part of the fourth semester, you must independently prepare a final project in cooperation with a company. 


During the last part of the third semester, you will do a 10-week internship with a company in Denmark or abroad. The internship will give you an opportunity to test your practical skills and gain useful work experience.

Your internship gives you the opportunity as a student to build a strong network in the industry and to establish a practice-oriented connection with the business community.

Your internship coordinator at KEA will help you with the practicalities in connection with your internship, for which you will yourself be the prime mover in finding a host company. KEA has a wide company network.


The teaching is based on specialisation and project modules, which provide a good foundation for understanding both theory and practice. Exercises, assignments and projects are performed both individually and in teams.

Classroom instruction is gradually replaced by supervisor-based teaching. In as far as possible, the projects are based on case studies and specific assignments to be performed in cooperation with companies. You or your team will receive guidance and feedback during the process.

You must be prepared to work independently and to collaborate with your fellow students. The method of instruction provides you with experience, which you can use to solve both known and new problems.

Collaboration with businesses

Much of the teaching is based on specific collaborations with the business community; especially in connection with your final project.

The Design, Technology and Business Academy Profession Programme allows you to get extremely close to the sector or industry in which you would like to work once you have finished your studies. 


The Design, Technology and Business Academy Profession Programme offers many competencies in great demand in the business community, and you will be qualified to work in small, medium-sized and large enterprises.

You will typically be qualified to work in the fashion and lifestyle industry as well as in the media and communications industry.

As a Design, Technology and Business graduate specialising in Marketing & Communication Design, you typically work with decoding market conditions and preparing concepts, marketing and communication materials aimed at promoting the knowledge of a company and boosting sales of the company’s products. For example with a job as:

  • Marketing Assistant
  • Communication Assistant
  • PR Assistant  
  • Event Coordinator
  • Project Manager Assistant


As a Design, Technology and Business graduate, you have the opportunity to enrol in a top-up bachelor programme (BA) at KEA. You can apply for admission to, among other programmes:

  • Design & Business (1½ years)

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