Design and Business

University:KEA Copenhagen School of Design and Technology - Campus Guldbergsgade
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Guldbergsgade 29N, 2200 Copenhagen
Duration: years
Study start (Application deadline)
Tuition fee (EU/EEA/CH):0 EUR
Tuition fee (Non-EU):5 600 EUR (per semester)
Application fee: 100 EUR

On this top-up programme, you learn how to analyse a design task in relation to a customer’s values and goals.

You work with design processes, trend theories and innovation from a business perspective.

You will learn to plan, manage and execute complex, analytical and creative tasks backed by relevant theory and practice.  In other words, you learn the theories and methods required to independently organise, manage and carry out design and business projects in the fashion and lifestyle industries.

The international top-up BA programme in Design & Business lasts three semesters and offers you the choice between the following two lines of specialisation:

  • Communication Design & Media
  • Brand Design

Design, business, sociology, knowledge production and method are subjects common to both lines of specialisation.

You will do an internship with a company to test your practical skills and gain useful experience of life in the workplace. Throughout your studies, you will work closely with companies, developing concepts and/or products for them and with them.

To get admitted to the top-up BA programme you must pass an admission test. You must choose your line of specialisation when you do the admission test.


When studying at the top-up Bachelor in Design and Business programme at the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA), you must choose a specialisation direction.

You can choose between two different English language specialisations.

Communication Design & Media

  • Storytelling
  • Conceptual communication
  • Campaigns

A communication designer has competences within rhetoric, visual design, strategy and media literacy – competences that are highly suited for a job market that demands a deep understanding of the dynamics characterising the media today.

As a Communication Design student, you will learn to work professionally with market-oriented and contemporary visual, written and digital communication – all with a holistic approach to design and process.

This specialisation study covers the subjects: visual communication, strategy, rhetoric, media and understanding of various processes. We focus on storytelling, conceptual and communication campaigns and cross media solutions.

You will be working with projects individually as well as in groups. We work holistically with process and method understanding, often in close cooperation with the business community. During classes, the students develop cases for the real world and create communication products based on strategy and relevant theory.

You will gain knowledge about trend theory, anthropological methods, cultural understanding, and the history of ideas as well as design theory and semiotics, argumentation strategy, analysis of the future, innovation processes, technology, media and communication, and rhetoric.

This knowledge will provide you with the skills to identify and assess trends and phenomena relative to trend and social theory as well as historical context. You will be able to use an anthropological method for collecting relevant data. You will also learn to produce design briefs based on research and data analysis. You will know how to present written, oral and visual material using different types of media. You will learn to use innovative approaches to problem solving and know how to identify potential new markets and solutions and finally, you will get the interpersonal and intercultural skills to communicate complex issues.

Brand design

  • Strategy
  • Brand Management
  • Concept Development

The Brand Design specialisation provides you with knowledge on how to design and develop brands and concepts in the area between strategy, branding and visual execution. 

Our work is always based on our brand design methodology, which means that good, creative ideas are at the heart of all projects. When an idea has been conceived, the strategy and branding platform are established prior to the practical execution.

As a Brand Design student, you are involved in the entire process from idea to execution. We place strong emphasis on working closely with the business community. Springing from real-life issues, all our projects are therefore executed in close cooperation with relevant businesses.

We work both strategically and creatively with branding, communication, marketing, media and graphic design, and as a student you acquire both the strong management tools of a strategist and the critical eye of a graphic designer.

This knowledge provides you with the skills needed to use analytical tools to identify brand-customer relationships, identify market trends in relation to supply and demand, apply conceptual and commercial methods and communicate branding strategies internally and externally. You also learn to use communication tools for promoting the brand.


The international Bachelor’s degree in Design & Business is a 1½ year top-up programme (equivalent to 90 ECTS). The programme consists of three semesters and gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in your chosen specialisation.

The programme is organised around:

  • Three common Design & Business modules
  • Specialisation modules
  • Two elective modules
  • 10 weeks of internship
  • A final BA project

During the 5th semester, all BA students will be studying the same basic subjects of design, business, sociology & knowledge production and method. In this semester, you will also start focusing on your specialisation and choose an elective module.

During the 6th semester, you will focus more closely on your specialisation subject and you will finish this semester by starting your 10- week mandatory internship period.

During the 7th semester, you conclude your mandatory internship period and you will finish your BA top-up by writing your bachelor assignment.


During the final part of the 6th semester and the beginning of the 7th, you and your fellow BA top-up students have a 10-week mandatory internship period. The internship takes place in a private company of your own choice.

The internship gives you the opportunity to test your skills in practice and get valuable knowledge of the world of work. Your internship gives you as a student the chance to build up a network in and gain a practice-oriented connection with the industry.

Your internship advisor here at KEA can help you find the right internship and assign the right intern work tasks for you. At present, there is a wide choice of internship companies.


The teaching is primarily based on projects, alternating between presentations by the teacher and individual guidance.

Teamwork is an important part of the programme, and you should therefore expect some assignments to be undertaken in groups where you must engage actively in teamwork with your fellow students.

Collaboration with businesses

The BA in Design & Business programme is your chance to get extremely close to the sector or industry in which you would like to work once you finish your studies.

For example, you get to do projects in cooperation with both public institutions and private companies. Moreover, you spend half a semester doing an internship with a company as a chance to apply your skills in practice

For their final project, all students collaborates with a relevant company.

Career and future

The programme is very much in demand in the business community and you will have good opportunities in small and medium-sized companies, as well as large manufacturers. Many graduates also work independently.

A Design & Business bachelor specialised in Brand Design is likely to find employment as for instance:

  • Brand designer
  • Marketing coordinator
  • PR coordinator
  • Web and PR coordinator
  • Communications officer
  • Project manager
  • Concept developer
  • Event coordinator
  • Strategic planner
  • Media planner
  • Assistant art director
  • Idea developer
  • Independent entrepreneur 

A Design & Business bachelor specialised in Communication Design & Media is likely to find employment as for instance:

  • Communications officer
  • Visual communications officer
  • Public relations officer
  • Media strategy officer (written, visual and digital media)
  • Media consultant
  • Director of visual and written content (on e.g. social media)
  • Trend researcher / forecaster
  • Copywriter/ writer
  • Corporate blogger
  • Independent entrepreneur

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