Computer Science

Computer Science

UCN University College of Northern Denmark | Campus Sofiendalsvej | Aalborg, Denmark

Computer Science

University:UCN University College of Northern Denmark - Campus Sofiendalsvej
Location Aalborg, Denmark
Sofiendalsvej 60, 9200 Aalborg
Duration: years ( semesters)
Study start (Application deadline)
Tuition fee (EU/EEA/CH):0 EUR
Tuition fee (Non-EU):apx. 4 768 EUR (per semester)

Study programme about databases, programming, operating systems and the organisational context of IT systems

During the course of the study programme, you will gain an insight into the programming and creation of IT systems. You will also learn how to programme in Java and C# as well as design databases that meet the requirements for good database design. At the same time, you will acquire an understanding of how a company works and how new IT systems can be introduced.

Toward the end of your studies, you will get an opportunity to specialise in a specific area, for instance in game or software development for mobile platforms.

As an AP Graduate in Computer Science, your future job title could be e.g. programmer, systems developer, web developer, network administrator, IT consultant or game developer.

As an AP Graduate in Computer Science, you can also choose to apply for admission to one of our top-up programmes, earning you a bachelor’s degree after an additional 1 1/2 years of study. Please note that admission in some cases is limited.ABOUT EDUCATION

The Computer Science programme is developed in close collaboration with the business community

Computer Science is a short cycle higher education programme of 2.5 years’ duration. 


The programme comprises the fields of:

  • Programming 
  • System development 
  • Companies and technology


On the 4th semester of the programme, you can specialise within one or more of the academic fields.


You will go on an 2.5 month internship in a company in Denmark or abroad.

Final exam project

The Computer Science programme is completed with a written exam project prepared in collaboration with a company.

A UCN characteristic

The Computer Science programme is developed in close collaboration with the business community. We only teach one subject a day and the programme features themes and projects.

At UCN we have a challenging and interesting study environment with students from many different study programmes.


Participate and gain new knowledge through an internship on the Computer Science programme

During your internship you must participate in and achieve knowledge of relevant business functions in a company.

The internship in the 5th semester is of approximately 10 weeks’ duration equal to 15 ECTS points.

You do not receive payment during the internship.


You can go abroad for your internship.


The Study Activity Model

The Study Activity Model shows the activities that take place in a particular study programme. This means that you can see how much time you should expect to spend in each individual module on e.g. lectures and classes, study excursions and study trips, independent assignment work etc.

The Model divides all study activities into four overall categories:

  1. Participation by lecturers and students — initiated by a lecturer (readings, class lectures, academic advice sessions etc.)
  2. Participation by students — initiated by a lecturer (class meetings without a lecturer, study days, study excursions or study trips etc.)
  3. Participation by students — initiated by students (forum classes, presentation of products of students’ studies, theme days etc.)
  4. Participation by lecturers and students — initiated by students (self-directed study and preparatory work, creation of products of students’ studies etc.)

Reflective Practice-Based Learning

Common to all our programmes is the focus on educating you for the real world. Our slogan is “Real Life Education”, and we mean this very literally. You will at least be spending a term at a work placement, and we strive to continuously develop our curriculum in collaboration with the professions, we train for.

Another common feature is our great learning environment, in which classroom teaching is key. We combine the academic and social aspects of studying, hereby easing the transition to becoming an independent student. The interaction between theory and practice combined with personal reflection remains the absolute core of all our study programmes – and the basis of our learning approach Reflective Practice-Based Learning.

Getting ready for the future

In the course of your studies you will be inspired to be creative, to explore and to be innovative; and you will learn to look critically at your own learning, your experience, your knowledge and practice. You bring your own values and personality into play, and through reflecting on your own practice you develop your personal judgement and ability to act professionally.

In the study programme you will also be working closely together with your fellow students. You learn to share knowledge and to work towards a common goal together with others. In that way you build up an important reflective competence which is decisive for being innovative, independent and productive in the labour market of the future.


UCN offers an academic environment and a study environment that you can really benefit from

Why study Computer Science in Aalborg?

Computer Science in Aalborg is one of Denmark’s oldest and largest schools for computer science. That means that we offer an academic environment and a study environment that you can really benefit from.

The course is well-established and focuses on learning: we have lecturers and advisors who offer academic help and support for personal development in connection with the programme.

  • Extra resources for selected areas – programming help among other things 
  • A wide range of tuition forms such as workshops, theme weeks, regular class teaching and task solution as well as project work periods 
  • Theme weeks and projects where you design and program in practice 
  • A drop-out rate which is lower than that of most other computer science programmes 
  • Experienced lecturer team from many different professional backgrounds 
  • Close contacts with local IT companies and to the computer science programmes at Aalborg University

Free software during studies

The Computer Science programme has an agreement with Microsoft Academic Alliance which means that all the software we used on the programme is available for your use free of charge. 

An academic and social study life across UCN

In addition to the events and offers at the specific study programmes, you have the opportunity to participate in a number of initiatives across the study programmes at UCN.


There are several possibilities for giving your education an international twist

During the course of your education at UCN you can go abroad for a certain period of time. You can go on an internship abroad in one or more companies or you can take your studies abroad.

The two kinds of placements can even be combined so you can do both. Be aware that the time spent abroad may not prolong the total duration of your studies in Denmark, however.

Why go abroad?

Whether you choose to do an internship or to study abroad, you will no doubt develop — personally as well as professionally. You will broaden your horizons and develop your language and professional skills.

This will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to challenge yourself, to increase and develop your intercultural competencies — and an opportunity to return enlightened and enriched.

You will also add an international dimension to your CV.

Most contemporary businesses need employees possessing intercultural competencies gained in today’s multi-cultural world.

An internship abroad will improve your ability to consider matters from an innovative and different perspective.

Internship abroad – a golden opportunity!

If you do your internship abroad you will get an insight into how a foreign business organisation operates and become part of another country’s culture. You will achieve language and intercultural competencies that you will never forget.

At the same time, you will also get a unique chance to create networks – very early on in your career – that are likely to come in handy in the future while expanding your knowledge of different businesses. An internship abroad will no doubt improve your career opportunities in Denmark and internationally.

You should know that it is your responsibility to find an internship host company. However, the International Coordinator at the International Office at your address is ready to offer advice and guidance on visa rules, grants applications, deadlines and much more.

Study abroad – expand your horizons

If you chose to go abroad you are seizing an opportunity to live and study with students from all over the world allowing you to expand your horizons and form international networks.  At the same time you can live in and explore a foreign culture.

Financial matters

There are grants that you can apply for. UCN has an Erasmus+ charter and a number of agreements with foreign educational institutions which enable us to send our students to European and overseas countries to study for one semester. It applies for some of these arrangements that you, as a UCN student, are exempt from paying student fees.

The international office

You are always welcome to visit the International Coordinator at your address for more information.

When you go abroad for internship or study placements the International Coordinator will also be able to help you in terms of practical information about e.g. applying for grants, and visa regulations, deadlines etc.


The Computer Science programme gives you access to many possible jobs within IT

You could work on:

  • Consultancy on implementation of new technology
  • Development and maintenance of IT system
  • Responsibility for operating a company’s IT systems

With an AP Degree in Computer Science you can work on very different tasks and you will get the opportunity to work with people from very diverse professional backgrounds.

Possible job titles could be:

  • IT System specialist
  • Project manager
  • Software designer
  • Software engineer
  • System administrator
  • System consultant
  • System developer
  • Web designer
  • Webmaster

More about the program: