Computer Science

University:KEA Copenhagen School of Design and Technology - Campus Lygten 37
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Lygten 37, 2400 Copenhagen
Duration: years
Study start (Application deadline)
Tuition fee (EU/EEA/CH):0 EUR
Tuition fee (Non-EU):5 500 EUR (per semester)
Application fee: 100 EUR

The study programme has an emphasis on learning to design and develop programs and apps in collaboration with others, and you also learn about programming, needs analysis and business understanding.

In addition to an internship, the 2½-year study programme deals with general subject areas such as businesses, systems development, programming and technology.

Areas that will give you insight into financial management in companies, system analysis and quality assurance, programming languages, networks, databases and technology development.

Graduates can work with a wide range of information technology tasks, and the study programme equips you for a career as a computer programmer, systems developer or IT consultant, just to mention a few options.


The AP in Computer Science is an academy profession programme that runs for five semesters (2½ years) and comprises 150 ECTS points.

The programme consists of the following courses:

  • Programming
  • Systems development
  • Businesses
  • Technology


Examples of elective subjects include programming mobile devices, web programming, Cops and Hackers and Usability.


A 10-week internship takes place in a relevant business in which you can try out what you have learned in the course of study.


The teaching is a combination of classroom instruction and project work – individually and in groups. We work with interdisciplinary issues, and always with an application focus.


Graduates of the programme can work with many different information technology tasks. You can design IT systems, do programming and maintain large databases. You can also work as a consultant or advisor.


The shortage of computer science graduates means you can expect an excellent salary when you graduate. The latest figures show that new computer science graduates are paid DKK 28,000 – 30,000 per month after six months of employment.

Typical jobs for computer science graduates are programmer, systems developer and IT consultant.

As a graduate, you will use your creativity, logic and systematic abilities.


Graduates of the AP in Computer Science have the option of completing an 18-month top-up study programme to attain a bachelor’s degree (BA).

  • Software Development
  • Web Development

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