Chemical and Biotechnical Science

Chemical and Biotechnical Science

Business Academy Aarhus | Campus Hasselager Allé 8 | Aarhus, Denmark

Chemical and Biotechnical Science

University:Business Academy Aarhus - Campus Hasselager Allé 8
Location Aarhus, Denmark
Hasselager Allé 8, 8260 Aarhus
Duration: years
Study start (Application deadline)
Tuition fee (EU/EEA/CH):0 EUR
Study material fee: 100 EUR
Tuition fee (Non-EU):apx. 6 600 EUR (per semester)
Study material fee: 100 EUR


The subject areas are chemistry, microbiology and laboratory technology. In the elective part of the programme you can specialise in a subject through an internship and a project.

Graduates of the programme will be qualified to work in control laboratories or research and development laboratories in the manufacturing sector, at universities and for other research institutions.

Theoretical knowledge and practical experience from a laboratory

The programme is versatile and offers a varied mix of theory, laboratory work, project work, lectures, study visits and thematic teaching. A part of the chemical and biotechnical technician’s work is done in cooperation with others, but you must also be able to work independently.

Go abroad as part of your degree

You can study, join a summer school or take your internship abroad during the programme.

Structure of education

The duration of the programme is 5 semesters. The first 1½-year is spent at the academy. The last year consists in practical and theoretical work in a company. At the academy you will spend about half the time doing practical work in the laboratories.

Teaching is diversified and offers an alternating mix of theory, laboratory work, project work, lectures, study visits and theme teaching. Theoretical teaching is team-based whereas laboratory work is performed both individually and in small groups. Both the teaching and the examination forms are primarily project organised, reflecting the work form you will encounter in your future job as a chemical and biotechnical technician .

Teaching is mainly theme-orientated. The themes include water, environment, foodstuffs, chemical synthesis, fermentation, biotechnology and chemical technology. The programme consists of compulsory subjects (70 ECTS), a specialisation (20 ECTS) and an internship and main project (50 ECTS). You will follow a series of different subjects: microbiology, biotechnology, apparatus technique, laboratory technique, analysis methods and chemistry.

The aim of the programme is to qualify the students to plan and carry out tasks of a technical/vocational nature in the laboratory area in connection with production, development, consultancy and control in the technical laboratories of companies in both the private and public sector.

1st semester

Introduction to the programme
4 ECTS Microbiology 
11 ECTS Chemical 
technology I

2nd semester

Biotechnology I
9 ECTS Chemical technology II
11 ECTS Analysis of biomolecules
5 ECTS Specialisation

3rd semester

Biotechnology II
5 ECTS Chemical technology III
5 ECTS Optimisation and validation
5 ECTS Project 
10 ECTS Specialisation

4th semester

30 ECTS 

5th semester


Main project
10 ECTS 

Collaboration with companies

In the course of the programme, you will visit a number of companies where the knowledge you have gained at the Academy will be put into perspective in relation to the actual work in the industry. We cooperate with many private companies and public institutions in order to ensure that the programme is up-to-date and that what you learn is relevant to what you will be doing in your work placement and in your job afterwards.


Jobs within the food industry, the environment or research

Chemical and biotechnical science technicians are needed for food companies, the environment, quality assurance of products, the pharmaceutical industry, research at universities and within development for large private companies. With your AP degree, you also have the opportunity to continue your studies on the undergraduate or graduate level.


Bachelor’s degree in 1½ years

The AP Degree programme in Chemical and Biotechnical Science is the first 2½ years of a Bachelor’s programme.

See your options for further education here: 

Bachelor’s Top-up degree

Build upon your Academy Profession degree and become a bachelor in 1½ years. Choose one of the following Top-up programmes:

Higher education abroad

We have agreements with a number of foreign educational institutions, who recognise our programmes and offer higher education at Bachelor and Master level.

Other options for higher education

  • Engineer in Mechatronics, Bioprocess Technology, Chemistry Technology or Pharmacology
  • Higher Education programmes in Biology, Molecular Biology or Chemistry
  • A diploma in Biotechnology, Process Technologyor Chemistry – specifically designed for graduates of the Chemical and Biotechnical Science programme with at least two years relevant work experience
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