Automotive Management

Automotive Management

Dania Academy of Higher Education | Campus Viborg | Viborg, Denmark

Automotive Management

University:Dania Academy of Higher Education - Campus Viborg
Location Viborg, Denmark
Prinsens Allé 2, 8800 Viborg
Duration: years
Study start (Application deadline)
Tuition fee (EU/EEA/CH):0 EUR
Service Package Fee: 150 EUR
Tuition fee (Non-EU):6 750 EUR (per semester)
Service Package Fee: 150 EUR

The Automotive Management programme will qualify you to work independently with diagnostics, repair and optimization of automotive products with focus on management and consultancy within the automotive field.

As part of the programme you will learn how to undertake general management, operational and financial management, quality control and safety of a workshop, including administrative, educational and personnel tasks.


The Automotive Management programme is designed to combine theory with practice. The first three semesters are taught at the academy through a combination of class teaching, projects, case studies, guest speakers and study trips to local businesses. In the fourth semester, theory is applied in practice through an internship in a company of your choice.

Programme structure

The programme consists of three core areas: Technology and Design, Management and Operational and Optimization, Repair and IT.

The core areas

The core areas of the programme take the form of cross-disciplinary programme components, specialization programme components, an internship and a final exam project, totaling 120 ECTS.

Technology and Design

Here you will learn to operate in development-oriented situations related to technology and design.

You will gain scientific knowledge and understanding of the guidelines for vehicle construction and will be able to select and use key theories and models within mechanical and electronic systems related to technology and design, on both product and component level.

This core area will teach you how to:

  • Apply key tools and methods related to construction and design
  • Communicate practice-based mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic as well as thermodynamic and aerodynamic issues in the daily consultancy provided to customers and business partners
  • Assess consequences and opportunities from practice-based technological issues

Management and Operations

Here you will learn about quality management, safety and the operational and financial management of an automotive-related company.

You will also work with personnel management and administration, damage as well as complaints documentation, and you will be introduced to sales, marketing and service.

This core area will teach you how to:

  • Handle general management, operational, economic management and quality of the workshop of an automotive related company.
  • Deal with situations in connection to sales, marketing and customer service regarding auto technical products
  • Handle documentation assignments in connection to reporting and damage statements

Optimization, repair and IT

Here you will work with a wide variety of models and tools in connection to optimization of roadability, electronic and technical diagnosis.

You will learn how to apply key methods and tools in connection to data collection, diagnostics, troubleshooting, repair and optimization of the vehicle. Using IT tools for diagnostics and operational simulation of the vehicle’s systems will offer you the necessary skill set for solving real-life tasks in the automotive industry.

This core area will teach you how to:

  • Efficiently improve the service, troubleshooting, consultation and communication in an automotive company
  • Handle development-oriented professional cooperation with a professional approach in connection to locating errors and optimizing roadability
  • Handle oral and written communication with a professional approach in order to optimize the relation with customers and partners


In the third semester, you will choose a specialization that will give you the opportunity to improve your study and professional competencies.

Automotive Management

With the Automotive Management specialization you will gain a deeper understanding of management in a company operating in the automotive industry. You will learn about strategic management and gain knowledge about how companies choose the right strategy in different situations.

As part of the specialization you will work with real cases in cooperation with businesses and will learn about strategy and strategic leadership, economics, import/export and marketing.

Automotive Engineering

If you dream about becoming and engineer, this specialization is the right choice for you.

Within the Automotive Engineering specialization you will learn about:

Hybrid conversion: You will gain knowledge about the construction and functions of hybrid vehicles.

Emission: The focus will be on the emission of exhaust gases from internal combustion engines. You will, among other things, learn about the chemical processes of cleaning the discharge in order to develop more environmentally friendly vehicles in the future.

Formulas and Calculations: You will learn to make life-time calculations in the design phase. 

Project Management: You will learn how to be project oriented, regardless of the size of the project. 


In order to create the right balance between your theoretical knowledge and your ability to apply it in practice, you must spend three months as an intern in an organization. Through the internship, you will contribute to creating value for the company while also developing your personal and professional competencies.

The internship experience will give you a grate insight on life into the real-business world after graduation.

The aim of the internship is to ensure real-life competencies and the development of professional and personal vocational competencies. 

You will solve practical problems on a methodical basis by using relevant theories and models, and thus creating value for the company.

You will find an internship in close collaboration with your internship counselor, and together with the internship company you will set the framework and criteria for the placement. All internships must be approved by the Academy in order to ensure the quality and relevance of the internship.


Moving abroad for studies can be a big step for you but also a fantastic way to make lifelong friends .

What can you expect when you become a student at Dania?

The teaching is based on real-life cases and we combine group work with individual assigments and self study. Moreover, you are always encouraged to ask questions during and after class in order to get as much knowledge as possible.

One of the most common questions international students ask us is “What is life like at Dania?”.

Your studies will of course be your first priority, but an enjoyable student social life also represents and important part of the university experience in Denmark. Each university campus is filled with a wide range of students who, like you, are eager to meet people and exchange ideas. The friends you make at your university can become lifelong friends, or even part of your global network of business contacts.

One of the best ways to build your social circle is to participate in the on-campus activities.

The teaching is a combination of classroom teaching, projects, case studies, guest speakers and company visits. The focus is on evidence drawn from practice.

Dania Academy is characterized by committed teachers that you can always get in touch with if you should need a chat, whether it is of professional or personal nature.

The first period at your new place of study things can be overwhelming and surprising because a lot of things you have been accustomed to in your home country or from your high school will be different.

There will be many things to consider, both new people and a lot of practical issues. You must learn how to structure your time and prioritize. There will be a requirement that you study full time and work commites with your field of study, this means that you must prepare yourself on your own. You will find several exams during your first year in several different subjects.


You can experience more international and Danish culture by going to international gatherings and parties, debates and other cultural activities on campus.

The Friday Bar

The Friday Bar concept is also very popular among students and is normally held on campus – another fantastic way to make lifelong friends with other students and get actively involved in campus life.


With a degree in Automotive Management, you will know how to combine theory with practical work, and be able to handle both technical and commercial challenges within the automotive field.

You can for example become:

  • Diagnosis Technician
  • Floor manager
  • Consultant
  • Garage Manager

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