Architectural Technology and Construction Management

Architectural Technology and Construction Management

UCN University College of Northern Denmark | Campus Sofiendalsvej | Aalborg, Denmark

Architectural Technology and Construction Management

University:UCN University College of Northern Denmark - Campus Sofiendalsvej
Location Aalborg, Denmark
Sofiendalsvej 60, 9200 Aalborg
Duration: years ( semesters)
Study start (Application deadline)
Tuition fee (EU/EEA/CH):apx. 0 EUR (per semester)
Tuition fee (Non-EU):apx. 5 133 EUR (per semester)

As a Bachelor of Architectural Technology and Construction Management, you will be an expert in planning, designing and coordinating construction and building projects.

You will usually play a central role as project manager or site manager in a construction, engineering or architectural company. You will take part in the planning of construction projects from draft drawings to completed project designs, and you will typically contribute e.g. technical calculations to construction and project plans in the building process.

During the course of the study programme, you will learn about construction, material selection, digital modelling and condition surveying as well as operating a business, project design and production, and much more.

You will have the opportunity to specialise in e.g. energy and sustainability, management or digital construction.


You will have ample opportunity to create and customize the educational profile that matches your interests and wishes

At ATCM your fellow students will be from a range of other countries – we currently have students from more than 20 different countries. The core of the programme is the daily lecturing and the group work regarding the semester project.

The programme also offers you a range of opportunities to deepen your knowledge through elective specialisation, internships, international cooperation, cooperation with businesses, and participation in the innovative research and development projects, that are also part of the focus of the programme.

In other words you will have ample opportunity to create and customize the educational profile that matches your interests and wishes – if you are ready to work for it and be proactive.

Your background

If you are interested in the ATCM programme it is most likely because you have an interest in the world of construction and maybe some practical experience.

You should also be able to identify with what you are reading here on these pages about the content of the programme and the expectations that we have for our students here at ATCM, just as you have prepared yourself for the reality of signing up for a full time study and working closely with students from many different countries and backgrounds.

The goal of your education

Throughout your education we aim at providing you with:

  • The most recent knowledge within the field of construction and experience in applying that knowledge to cooperate in problem solving and innovative thinking
  • Practical experience from internships and project work that teaches you to apply your theoretical knowledge with the tasks and challenges of real life situations
  • An everyday life at school which is characterised by team spirit and tight bonds between students as well as between students and teachers

In our experience all this will contribute to providing you the strongest possible foundation for a career in construction.


Try out theories and methods hands-on during your internship on the Architectural Technology and Construction Managment programme

The programme is business oriented, interdisciplinary and practice-based which means that you will learn how to solve specific problems – in your day to day studies as well as during your work placement on the 6th semester. The internship makes up 20 weeks.

The internship connects your theoretical and practical qualifications and adds to developing professionally oriented competencies that are in demand in current and future work places. Through your internship, you will gain a valuable insight into what your role will be when you enter the labour market as a graduated Architectural Technologist and Construction Manager.

After your internship is over, you will prepare your elective project and your Bachelor project. Both will usually take a starting point in your internship and be prepared in collaboration with your internship company.

Internship planning

You may go on an internship in one or more companies during the internship, which makes up 20 weeks. Furthermore, the internship may take place abroad. At the school we have a range of contacts with companies in Australia, Vietnam, England and the US (San Francisco). We are currently working to expand our list of companies in Vietnam in particular.

Where ever you choose to go for your internship it will be planned in close collaboration with the work placement co-ordinator. The school has a database of potential internship companies – however, it is ultimately your own responsibility to find an internship company.


Reflective Practice-Based Learning

Common to all our programmes is the focus on educating you for the real world. Our slogan is “Real Life Education”, and we mean this very literally. You will at least be spending a term at a work placement, and we strive to continuously develop our curriculum in collaboration with the professions, we train for.

Another common feature is our great learning environment, in which classroom teaching is key. We combine the academic and social aspects of studying, hereby easing the transition to becoming an independent student. The interaction between theory and practice combined with personal reflection remains the absolute core of all our study programmes – and the basis of our learning approach Reflective Practice-Based Learning.

Getting ready for the future

In the course of your studies you will be inspired to be creative, to explore and to be innovative; and you will learn to look critically at your own learning, your experience, your knowledge and practice. You bring your own values and personality into play, and through reflecting on your own practice you develop your personal judgement and ability to act professionally.

In the study programme you will also be working closely together with your fellow students. You learn to share knowledge and to work towards a common goal together with others. In that way you build up an important reflective competence which is decisive for being innovative, independent and productive in the labour market of the future.


The social aspect is an important part of being a student on the Architectural Technology and Construction Management programme at UCN

That is why we arrange introductory sessions, parties, study trips, talks, study visits, company visits, a one-week study trip, Christmas parties etc.

Student council meetings

At UCN we have a student council that meets three times each semester to discuss matters relating to the study environment.

We also support sporting events e.g. running events, sport cups, movie nights, the Friday bar and other social events.

Influence and commitment

As a student at UCN you will naturally have an influence on planning your studies, and we expect that you are committed and ambitious when it comes to your own development. In return, we are also ambitious for you.

We want to be one of Denmark’s best educational institutions, and we promise you some exciting years with great human experiences and sound professional challenges.

We offer you interdisciplinary and project-oriented teaching, creative collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation as well as an internship in Denmark or abroad.

For instance, our students have gone to England and USA in recent years.

An international environment

There are two separate Architectural Technology and Construction Management programmes. One is taught in Danish and the other in English.

However on some semesters we undertake study project weeks where the international students work and get to know the Danish students.

This is loved by both the Danish and the international students and means that students can increase their knowledge of other cultures.


Every Thursday all students from the Architectural Technology and Construction Management programme are offered to join the homework club. Furthermore, the café arranges various events and presentations with different topics, which have gained great support from the students.


There are several possibilities for giving your education an international twist

During the course of your education at UCN you can go abroad for a certain period of time. You can go on an internship abroad in one or more companies or you can take your studies abroad.

The two kinds of placements can even be combined so you can do both. Be aware that the time spent abroad may not prolong the total duration of your studies in Denmark, however.

Why go abroad?

Whether you choose to do an internship or to study abroad, you will no doubt develop — personally as well as professionally. You will broaden your horizons and develop your language and professional skills.

This will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to challenge yourself, to increase and develop your intercultural competencies — and an opportunity to return enlightened and enriched.

You will also add an international dimension to your CV.

Most contemporary businesses need employees possessing intercultural competencies gained in today’s multi-cultural world.

An internship abroad will improve your ability to consider matters from an innovative and different perspective.

Internship abroad – a golden opportunity!

If you do your internship abroad you will get an insight into how a foreign business organisation operates and become part of another country’s culture. You will achieve language and intercultural competencies that you will never forget.

At the same time, you will also get a unique chance to create networks – very early on in your career – that are likely to come in handy in the future while expanding your knowledge of different businesses. An internship abroad will no doubt improve your career opportunities in Denmark and internationally.

You should know that it is your responsibility to find an internship host company. However, the International Coordinator at the International Office at your address is ready to offer advice and guidance on visa rules, grants applications, deadlines and much more.

Study abroad – expand your horizons

If you chose to go abroad you are seizing an opportunity to live and study with students from all over the world allowing you to expand your horizons and form international networks.  At the same time you can live in and explore a foreign culture.


Read about potential job possitions when graduating from the Architectural Technology and Construction Management programme

The Architectural Technology and Construction Management programme will give you a good starting point for working on different levels in businesses and organisations, the construction industry or in relation to it, depending on your own ambition and talent.

Your primary role will often be to ensure cooperation and communication between architects and engineers in order for the construction process to proceed as planned. Through your education you will most likely have acquired some idea of what you would like to work with, where you want to work, and the demands that the industry has for future employees.

By the time you are ready for your final exam, you may already have a job waiting for you or at the least you will have made some contacts from your work placement or projects that you have done in cooperation with businesses in the industry.

Now it is time to use your contacts in order to position yourself for possible job openings. You will probably find your future job in one of the following types of companies:

  • Architectural company
  • Engineering company
  • Entrepreneurial company
  • Insurance company
  • Government agency
  • Building services company

During your studies you are always welcome to ask for a talk with the student advisor if you need advice on how to approach companies in regard to projects, work placements or jobs. After you graduate UCN offers you a range of services to help you write your resume, applications, update your LinkedIn profile etc.

A degree in Architectural Technology and Construction Management also gives you access to a range of Master’s degree at Aalborg University if you should be interested in continuing your studies.

More about the program: