Residence permit

In order to study abroad, you may have to obtain a residence permit or an EU residence document. This is a document that ensures you have the right to reside and study abroad.

When obtaining a residence permit or an EU residence document, different rules apply depending on your citizenship.

Study Start will guide you about what kind of residence permit or EU residence document you need to apply for, depending on your citizenship.

Civil registration number

A civil registration number, is used to identify you in connection to several services in the country you will be studying. You need a civil registration number for example to apply for a job, visit doctors or get a library card.

Study Start will inform you about how to apply for civil registration number in each country and what documentation you need to apply.


When studying abroad, its strongly recommend to get an adequate and suitable insurance before leaving your home country. There are different insurances depending on your country and your insurance company.

Study Start will offer you assistance in finding the most suitable insurance.


The healthcare system usually offers equal and universal access for all residents. However, depending on your citizenship, you may have to pay for your medical treatment in Denmark.

Study Start will inform you about the healthcare offer depending on your citizenship.