Costs and Finances


Application costs

There is no application fee when applying through Study Start agency.

All the information and guidance are for free for Study Start applicants. How to become Study Start applicant

Other application costs

You may need:

English tests (Study Start offer: 25 EUR)

Translation of documents (from 17 EUR pr. document)

Study Books and materials

Be aware that students must buy their own study books and study supplies.


It is also required to have your own laptop computer, as all the projects and group works are made digitally. Be sure it’s preferably acquired before studies start.

Students often study at local coffeehouses or libraries, and almost all public places have a good WiFi access, so it’s giving you a lot of flexibility and fun when studying.

Study trips and social activities

During the studies there will be some study trips and many different social activities, as well as internships abroad etc. so it’s a good idea to save up.

Having a good time by spending money is worth saving up for!

More about the costs, read in the description of each Campus.


Student Grants

If you are a foreign citizen and fulfill the necessary conditions, you can receive state educational monthly grant: in Denmark – apx. 750 EUR/month and in Finland apx. 250 EUR/month, read more below.

Study Start will guide you on how to apply for students grand in each country.

Tuition fees

There is no tuition fee for students from EU, EEA countries and Switzerland. However some e-learning and Masters degree programms have tuition fee. For non-EU students annual tuition range from 6 000 to 16 000 EUR.