Campus Viborg

Campus Viborg

Viborg, Denmark

Campus Viborg

Our international students create a dynamic and international spirit and teaching format.

One of the most common questions international students ask us is “What is life like at Dania?”.

Your studies will of course be your first priority, but an enjoyable student social life also represents and important part of the university experience in Denmark. Each university campus is filled with a wide range of students who, like you, are eager to meet people and exchange ideas. The friends you make at your university can become lifelong friends, or even part of your global network of business contacts.

One of the best ways to build your social circle is to participate in the on-campus activities.


What to expect in class?

The teaching is a combination of classroom teaching, projects, case studies, guest speakers and company visits. The focus is on evidence drawn from practice.

Dania Academy is characterized by committed teachers that you can always get in touch with if you should need a chat, whether it is of professional or personal nature.

The first period at your new place of study things can be overwhelming and surprising because a lot of things you have been accustomed to in your home country or from your high school will be different.

There will be many things to consider, both new people and a lot of practical issues. You must learn how to structure your time and prioritize. There will be a requirement that you study full time and work commites with your field of study, this means that you must prepare yourself on your own. You will find several exams during your first year in several different subjects.

Study environment

You have a close relationship with our tutors. We have classrooms of 20-30 students, in which the education takes place. This enables us to answer any questions you might have, about anything that you are uncertain about.

International environment

Our international students contribute to our international spirit and teaching format. We send our students abroad each year as part of their programmes, and annually welcome exchange students from our partner universities spread all over the world. 

Social life

Free-time activities

How do you get involved in athletic activities?

Athletic activities are an important part of Danish culture. There are plenty of handball, football and volleyball mathes happening through-out the year. As a student, you can try-out to be on the team or show your support as a spectator at the games.

In addition, Campus Viborg students have access to the building’s gym where students often organize sports competitions, zumba and dancing classes and many more.

What else happens on campus?

You can experience more Danish culture by going to international gatherings and parties, debates and other cultural activities on campus. The Friday Bar concept is also very popular among students and is normally held on campus – another fantastic way to make lifelong friends with other students and get actively involved in campus life.


Programme Level Years Tuition fee
Tuition fee
Study Start
Marketing Management AP € 0 € 4 100
IT Technology AP € 0 € 6 000
Automotive Management AP € 0 € 6 750


We offer on-campus accommodation for students in a safe and convenient environment for living, studying and socializing. Some students prefer off-campus housing for more independence. We can also help finding nearby apartment buildings.


  • We offer on-campus accommodation for students in a safe and convenient environment for living, studying and socializing.


  • Some students prefer off-campus housing for more independence. We can also help finding nearby apartment buildings.

Accommodation in Viborg

All students admitted at Campus Viborg have guaranteed accommodation in the Camp Logos dormitories.

The majority will get a room in the new modern dorms next door to the campus area (situated 200 m from Dania Academy).

All the apartments are fully furnished, but you have to bring your own bed linen. Also, you have to supply your own cutlery and china.

There are different types of apartments. Some of them have a shared kitchen, while other apartments have their own kitchen. All the apartments have a private bathroom.

The buildings have common areas equipped with TV, couches, balconies etc. and a laundry room with washing machines and dryers.

Camp Logos provides access to vacuum cleaners.

Around the new dorms, you can find a student house, free parking spots, the stadium, cinema, fitness centers, bowling lanes, shopping areas, restaurants, the city hall of Viborg and parks.

Other students prefer to live in the modern youth apartments, which are rented unfurnished. The deposit is 3 months’ rent.

Additionally, some students rent a room or a flat from a private house owner or housing agency.

Dania Academy will make living arrangements for all students admitted at Campus Viborg. Upon admission, you will be contacted by our representatives to discuss your needs and wishes regarding the type of room and utilities.