Campus Ringvej Syd 104

Campus Ringvej Syd 104

Aarhus, Denmark

Campus Ringvej Syd 104

One of the largest business academies in Denmark, with 4900 full-time students from many different countries.

Business Academy Aarhus

Business Academy Aarhus develops and offers practice-orientated higher education programmes primarily for the private business sector, and our main goal is to enable students to get a job. We are one of the largest business academies in Denmark with:

  • 4900 full-time students
  • 600 international students 
  • 400 employees

We provide undergraduate programmes and can grant academic degrees, but we do not award master’s or doctoral degrees.

In addition to this we also offer further education and part-time programmes up to Bachelor’s level for people who need to strengthen their qualifications on the job.

AP and Bachelor top-up programmes

We offer a wide range of full-time higher education programmes that qualify students for many different career choices. We offer 10 English-language programmes within these fields:

  • Business
  • IT and Technology
  • Web, Media and Communication
  • Biotechnical and Food Technology

Our programmes combine theory with practice.

We prioritise small classes, group work, project work, cooperation with trade and industry, realistic cases and compulsory internships. As we work so closely with the business community, we learn and benefit from one another.

Truly international

Our 700 international students contribute to our international spirit and teaching format. We send 300 students abroad each year as part of their programmes, and annually welcome exchange students from our more than 70 partner universities spread all over the world. 

Research and innovation 

Developing and completing our programmes must create value for students and companies alike. Therefore, we focus on using our competencies in specific research and innovation projects in collaboration with partner companies.


Business Academy Aarhus is located in second largest city in Denmark – Aarhus. City is busy staking a claim for visitor attention and building a reputation as an emerging European destination for savvy city-breakers, festival-goers, art and food fans, read more


Programme Level Years Tuition fee
Tuition fee
Study Start
Digital Concept Development Top-up € 0 € 5 500
Multimedia Design AP € 0 € 5 500


Here you can see the approximate living expenses at Business Academy Aarhus

Monthly expenses:

Type of costs First month (EUR) Other months (EUR)
Rent (single room in a dormitory) 360 – 390 360 – 390
Deposit for the accommodation (usually 3 months’ rent) 416 – 1300 0
Study books (depending on your programme) 190 – 620 0
Study material fee 100 0
Internet (if not included in the rent) 15 15
Food 100 – 200 100 – 200
Bus card (monthly season ticket) 55 55
Mobile phone 25 – 50 25 – 50
TOTAL 1261‬ – 2730 555‬‬ – 710

Other expenses:

Type of costs (EUR)
Bike (second-hand) 40 – 08
Study trip (on the 2nd semester, if any) 300 – 600
A dish in the canteen 4 – 5
A cup of coffee in the canteen 1 – 2
A beer in the Academy bar 3 – 5

One of the world’s smallest big cities – with everything a city needs.

There is always something to experience in Aarhus.

Live music festivals and events are organised throughout the year, a fascinating nightlife is available, beautiful beaches abound, amazing forests to explore, and warm cosy restaurants, cafes and pubs to go to when you feel hungry or simply just because you want to enjoy your café latte.

The youngest city in Denmark

With a population of 300.000, Aarhus is the second-largest city in Denmark. The city is an attractive education centre with Denmark’s largest concentration of students. Nearly 16% of the inhabitants in Aarhus are students – that is more than 40.000 students gathered in one city. Aarhus is, therefore, the youngest city in Denmark.

The Capital of Culture

2017 its titles included European Capital of Culture and European Region of Gastronomy (the latter was awarded to Aarhus and the larger central Denmark region).

Vibrant city

The ever-expanding menu of architectural landmarks, lauded restaurants, bars, and boutiques is a mark of a vibrant city on the rise. It’s a great place to explore as a student!

Places to explore

The Old Town

Den Gamle By – The Old Town Museum is where history becomes alive.


the ARoS Art Museum is internationally recognized and admired, and in the Moesgaard Museum archaeology and ethnography is presented innovatively in a breathtaking architectural setting.

Tivoli Friheden

Of course, there is also the amusement park Tivoli Friheden loaded with fun and action.