Campus Horsens

Campus Horsens

Horsens, Denmark

Campus Horsens

VIA University College is located in Horsens, Aarhus and Herning. We offer a wide range of professional bachelor programmes within the areas of construction, engineering and business.

Our study programmes are designed in close cooperation with relevant industries and taught by highly qualified teachers with experience in relevant areas. This ensures that the curriculum stays in touch with the ever changing needs of a global world, and also ensures that our students graduate as fully qualified professionals.


The department in Horsens is the largest with around 3,800 students of which approximately half are international students coming from more than 60 different countries.


In Aarhus, three of our programmes take place at VIA’s departments in Mejlgade and Halmstadsgade.


In Herning, one of our programmes takes place at VIA’s department called VIA Design. All of our departments have an active student life and excellent student support services.


Student psychologist

If something is bothering you that makes it difficult for you to feel comfortable in your daily life or concentrate on your studies, you can always book an appointment with our student psychologist Mette B. Madsen.
Advisory services are free for students and all contacts with the student psychologist are handled with the greatest discretion.

Student priest

The student priest and psychotherapist Anette Foged Schultz is also available for one-on-one sessions with students at Campus Horsens.
You are welcome to talk to Anette regardless of your religion, or if you are not religious at all.
The student priest is required to maintain complete confidentiality. All appointments are free.


The library at Campus Horsens contains books and other materials focused on: mathematics, physics, general technology, building and landscape technology, machine technology, agricultural technology, environmental protection technology, EDB/IT, languages, management and economics, business, social education and nursing.
You’ll also have the opportunity to read a wide selection of newspapers, trade magazines and journals. 
The library offers courses on searching literature and information. 


In the canteen at Campus Horsens you can find a wide selection of warm and cold dishes, salads, meat and cheeses, homemade bread, as well as cakes and desserts.
With its fresh ingredients and reasonable prices, Campus Horsens is a popular place for get-togethers.


The bookstore at Campus Horsens can provide everything needed for student life.
You can buy textbooks, books about your field of study and dictionaries, along with stationary and office supplies.
The store also sells headsets, USB drives, computer bags and other IT equipment as part of its standard range. You can also buy logo items and wine in the store.

IT Support

At Campus Horsens, wireless access to the Internet is free of charge.
During the introduction week, you will be introduced to the Campus Horsens IT services and get an account so that you can use the Internet, print and get access to our Intranet. Our Intranet is the link between lecturers, the administrative staff and the students, and an important source of information.


Exchange and full degree students

In Horsens, both exchange students and full degree students are responsible for finding housing on their own. The International Coordinator or Student Counsellor at your programme can provide tips on where to look for accommodation.

Housing suggestions

The Campus Student Village is located right next to VIA Campus Horsens and is the obvious choise if you are looking for a place to stay in Horsens. You can also find an apartment in the ’youth city’ of Kamtjatka. Kamtjatka has room for 300 students and is located near the centre of Horsens. Both are managed by the property management company Drosselbo.


City busses run directly from central Horsens to Campus Horsens and Campus Horsens is located about four kilometres north of the main train station in Horsens.

Bike to the campus

You can also bike to the campus. Biking is very popular in Denmark, and you can purchase a bike cheaply or rent one if you like. APERO is a non-profit, volunteer-run organisation established that rents bikes to students at VIA at affordable prices.
There is a bike lane all the way from downtown Horsens to Campus Horsens, which is about three kilometres. 
Horsens is generally very bike-friendly, with bike lanes all the way to both the forest and the beach.


Student council

The Campus Horsens Student Council sponsors a large variety of events. You can enjoy everything from salsa dance classes to Counter-Strike tournaments to Photoshop instruction to film evenings – and much more. 
The Student Council also helps arrange parties for students – and they are good parties!

Sports hall

Campus Horsens offers a sports hall that is covers roughly a square kilometre. The sports hall is used as part of course work for the social education course, as well as some other courses. 
Students can also book the sports hall for free time activities like football, fitness, CrossFit, Mixed Martial Arts, etc.