Campus Guldbergsgade

Campus Guldbergsgade

Copenhagen, Denmark

Campus Guldbergsgade

About KEA

The objective of KEA – Copenhagen School of Design and Technology is to develop and offer practical and business-oriented higher education at Bachelor (BA) and Academy Professional (AP) levels.

At KEA we offer higher education that combines theory with practice. We have a close cooperation with the business community and educational institutions both in Denmark and abroad.

We offer a wide range of programmes in English within the fields of technology, design and business. The programmes are characterised by a high level of professionalism and close ties to the business community.

Study evnironment

International evnironment

KEA have 5.400 full-time, and 1.145 International students from more than 70 different nations and plan to increase the number of incoming students even further. 

We value diversity among students and employees, and we aim to create well-rounded individuals.

Close with business community

KEA works closely with the business community and educational institutions both in Denmark and abroad.                

KEA bridges the gap between skills and new knowledge, and KEA students learn to transform their knowledge into products in the broadest sense of the word.

Our students must match the needs of the business community, and that is why KEA works systematically with the businesses that are the prospective employers of our graduates.

Innovation and development

KEA’s graduates create value by succeeding in life, through their innovative power and through product development.

Research and innovation is a major driver in KEA’s knowledge cycle. Both in the development of our study programmes in cooperation with business, and in our teaching.

High standards

At KEA we go the extra mile, and we set high standards. We are ambitious, which means that we challenge ourselves and others. We prefer to think ‘outside the box’ and are always looking for new opportunities and ways of doing things. We are inquisitive and like to experiment, but without losing focus or sight of our priorities.

We are proud of our professionalism, didactics and educational practices, and we take responsibility for ensuring that KEA’s programmes are of a high quality and that they focus on sustainability.

KEA wants to be the first choice for relevant students, businesses and employees in these fields.

Study style

Focus on teamwork, dialogue and action

We focus on teamwork, dialogue and action – the KEA management creates meaning and sets the direction for the entire organisation.

Research and innovation projects

One of the best ways to learn the subject is to help develop it. KEA works with research and innovation projects that involve students. We use specific business cases in our teaching, and create new knowledge in the learning space.

For example for Fashion Design students: Youth Fashion Summit is part of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, which brings together the biggest companies from the fashion industry and over 100 students from all over the world to work and create solutions and scenarios for a more sustainable fashion industry.

Another example is KEA Works: a one-week innovation programme that gets students from across KEA’s study programmes working together on a large case. 


KEA has a number of labs that are accessible to students, lecturers, and alumni. The labs hold 3D printers, laser cutters, robots, VR equipment, and much more.

MAKERLAB is a lab where students can get hands-on experience with the machines, such as: 3D printers, Laser cutter, CNC grinder, Tekstile printers

Wearables Lab: Sensors, Microcontrollers, Materials, Books, Tools

Tech Lounge: Drones, AI robots, Cameras, UX Lab, Arduino-controlled model railway, littleBits, VR equipment

Sewing Lab: Sewing machines, Iron stations, Materials, Tools

Material Design Lab: a hybrid between a design prototyping workshop, a scientific laboratory and an industrial kitchen. Apart from the lab itself, Material Design Lab also has Material ConneXion, a material library with commercially available materials, and a box with raw materials

Student Life

Become a part of an international and lively environment

At KEA we like to collaborate and spend time together, even when we’re not studying. We feel that sharing our knowledge and creativity is paramount in securing a good study environment.

Student Council

Student democracy is an important part of KEA’s organisation, that’s why there is a Student Council (DSR) for each programme area.

Students have an influence on the study environment through KEA’s working environment organisation as well as students represented on the Educational Council and two seats in KEA’s board of directors.

In case you aren’t interested in student politics another option is to involve yourself in the KLR, which focuses on the everyday life as a student at KEA.

If you want to communicate the small stuff as well as the big issues on behalf of your class, get more influence and a greater network – within your Department and across the whole of KEA as well as being kept in the loop concerning activities and social events at KEA? – then KLR might be something for you!

Buddy system

Get a Buddy team to help you settle in and get an introduction to Copenhagen, KEA and your study programme. We match current students with a small group of new students to make introductions safe, comfortable and smooth.

A Buddy team can assist with practical advice on living and studying in Denmark.

Social life

As a student at KEA, you can be part of anything from Friday Bar, DSR (Student Council), RUS (freshman’s events) to our party committee. Whether you want to create an international network, practice sports, become more aware of your career opportunities or just drink a cup of coffee or a beer.

International environment

KEA has students from 77 countries and offers different opportunities to get to know your fellow students and keep in touch.


Programme Level Years Tuition fee
Tuition fee
Study Start
Jewellery, Technology and Business Ba € 0 € 5 500
Product Development and Integrative Technology Top-up € 0 € 5 600
Design and Business Top-up € 0 € 5 600
Production Technology AP € 0 € 6 200
Design, Technology and Business AP € 0 € 6 000