Business Academy SouthWest
- Campus Esbjerg

Business Academy SouthWest is a school of applied science. We are a part of the Danish higher education system. We are located in Esbjerg and Sønderborg. We educate the employees of the future.

Esbjerg, Denmark

A good study environment is a priority at Business Academy Southwest, and this is true not only when it comes to our classes, but also when it comes to your spare time. This is why we have the most satisfied students in Denmark – for seven years running.


  • 2500 Students in 2020
  • 7 Programmes
  • #1 The best study satisfaction in the country

High quality

We describe here what we do to enhance quality and quality development at Business Academy Southwest. Our quality is developed in collaboration between students, tutors and the quality department.

Quality improvements

The academy’s quality control system is the overall framework of our efforts into making sure the quality of our courses is high. This means good planning, continuous evaluation and following up on how the courses are developing. We focus on ensuring that we improve our efforts into quality improvement and that the results are ready to be used. We also emphasize that our work with quality is something to which all of us contribute.


In our work with quality we involve our students, our tutors and the companies and organisations that are to take on our students when they have completed their courses. All of them take part in evaluation and development of our courses locally and also participate in cross-disciplinary network collaborations with the other business academies about the development of national study programmes.

The rationale for Business Academy Southwest’s effort into quality is to bring about optimum conditions for our students’ learning, which is our cardinal purpose. We strive also to be an attractive educational institution for the companies and organisations that should benefit from employing the people who have studied with us. Our goal is to train our students to become as skilled as possible for them to be in high demand on the future labour market through their skills and innovative competences.

Study environment

A good study environment is a priority at Business Academy Southwest, and this is true not only when it comes to our classes, but also when it comes to your spare time. This is why we have the most satisfied students in Denmark – for seven years running.

You have a close relationship with our tutors. We have classrooms of 20-30 students, in which the education takes place. This enables us to answer any questions you might have, about anything that you are uncertain about.

Often our teaching is a combination of short presentations from the tutor and assignments. Many of our tutors also make use of what is called the flipped classroom, which means that you stay at home and watch a video with a presentation from the tutor. Later on there will be discussion of the covered topic in the classroom.

When you are not in the classroom, you can easily find somewhere at our academy where you can work together with the other students.

Social life

Friday Bar

Our bar is open on Thursdays and Fridays and is a nice place to relax in the afternoon. You can play table tennis, pool, table football or beer pong. The bar is also where the Academy’s parties take place, and, if your class comes up with a good idea for an event, you are welcome to talk to the staff in the bar. The bar is run by students who volunteer for the job – maybe you would like to get involved?

Your spare time

You will never get bored in Esbjerg. No matter if you like sports, music, shopping, culture or nature, there are lots of things that you can do.

Business Academy Southwest is a part of Studiebyen Esbjerg that makes sure there are plenty of fun and study-related activities for you and your fellow students such as football matches, pub crawl and visits to companies in town. See also Studiebyen Esbjerg’s guides about everything from student discounts and ways of finding an internship.


Our canteen is called Café Healthy Study and offers breakfast, lunch or a bite to eat if you are feeling just a little bit hungry.

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Programme Level Years Tuition fee
Tuition fee
Study Start
Web Development Top-up 1.5 € 0 € 4 366 Summer
Software Development Top-up 1.5 € 0 € 4 366 Summer
International Sales and Marketing Top-up 1.5 € 0 € 4 366 Summer
Multimedia Design and Communication AP 2 € 0 € 5 100 Summer
Computer Science AP 2.5 € 0 € 4 480 Summer
Marketing Management AP 2 € 0 € 3 950 Summer


Here you can see the approximate living expenses at Business Academy Southwest – Campus Esbjerg

Monthly expenses:

Type of costs First month (EUR) Other months (EUR)
Rent (single room in a dormitory, 30 – 35 m2) 315 – 360 360 – 390
Deposit for the accommodation (usually 3 months’ rent)
Study books (depending on your programme)
Application fee (only non-EU applicants)
Internet (if not included in the rent)
Food 100 – 200 100 – 200
Bus card (monthly season ticket)
Mobile phone 25 – 50 25 – 50

Other expenses:

Type of costs (EUR)
Bike (second-hand) 40 – 80
Study trip (on the 2nd semester, if any)
A dish in the canteen (1 EUR/100 gr.) 4
A cup of coffee in the canteen 1 – 2
A beer in the Academy’s Friday bar 3 – 5