Talents are given extra challenges

Talents are given extra challenges

Talents are given extra challenges

The Marketing Management programme has established a talent programme for those Danish and international students who are willing to make an extra effort.

Talents are given extra challenges

In the talent programme, nine selected students are each matched with a company, who has signed up to be a part of the programme. Monday 27 January, the students and companies met at VIA to greet each other and match their expectations.

The plan of the talent programme is to place the students physically at the company one day a week. Here, they will get real-life experience while offering the companies the theoretical knowledge from their studies.

The companies and the students entered into a contract that initially will run for 18 months. During these 18 months, the companies commit themselves to provide the students with specific challenges, while the students commit themselves to do an extra effort.

Engaging the talent culture
Programme Coordinator of the Marketing Management programme, Bo Leervad Christensen, is the initiator of the programme. He explains that the idea of establishing a talent programme came from the students themselves:

”We often experience that a group of dedicated students want us to provide them with challenges that go beyond their curriculum. And we are obliged to give our students challenges which help develop their skills. Therefore, we have established the talent programme”.

Bo Leervad Christensen emphasises that the talent programme is NOT about dividing the students into an A team and a B team. It is about engaging a talent culture that will challenge and develop those students who set high goals for themselves.

Helicopter perspective and details
FLEXA is one of the companies who has become engaged in the talent programme. They develop modern Scandinavian interior for babies and children. Executive Assistant, Kasper Kjærgaard, is looking forward to cooperating with Elina Korne, who studies Marketing Management:

”As a company, we welcome new input and inspiration that challenge us in our way of thinking. And I am looking forward to working with a student, who can put things in a new perspective”, Kasper Kjærgaard explains and continues:

”I hope that Elina can help us see things from a helicopter perspective while also being able to go into depth with things, which we normally do not have time for. And if we prove to be a good match, it would be natural to offer her a position once she has graduated”.

I want to make a difference
Elina Korne is 27 years old and from Latvia, and she is very happy about being one of the selected students, who will now become a part of the talent programme:

”I want to make a difference. And this is my chance to show that I will do something extra to improve myself. As such, I will try to take initiative and demonstrate to FLEXA what I am capable of”, Elina Korne explains and continues:

”The talent programme will give me valuable experience and help me qualify for a job once I have graduated. I expect a lot from myself as I want to do the best I can at FLEXA, and I am excited to get started”.

The nine talents have been selected based on applications and interviews with the students and their teachers.
The selection of companies has been made in a collaboration between VIA and Henriette Bonde, consultant at Business Horsens.
The contracts made between the students and the companies are also signed by VIA, who is obligated to follow up on the collaboration and ensure its success.

By Søren Munch Terkelsen,
somt@viauc.dk – 06-02-2014

Sorce: http://viauc.com/press/article