Denmark, the Happiest Place on Earth

Denmark, the Happiest Place on Earth

Denmark, the Happiest Place on Earth

Looking for The Happiest Place on Earth? Pack up and move to Denmark!

Happiness Report

Denmark has taken the top spot in the World Happiness Report.

According to the World Happiness Report published by The Earth Institute at Columbia University and commissioned for a United Nations conference on happiness, Denmark is the happiest country in the world. The 158-page report, the first of its kind ever, ranks countries on a “life evaluation score” that takes into account a variety of factors such as wealth, education, government transparency, political freedom and job security.

„It is no coincidence that the happiest countries in the world tend to be high-income countries that also have a high degree of social equality, trust and quality of government”, write the authors of the study in the introduction.

Many Good Reasons to STUDY IN DENMARK

Denmark is a small country with 5.3 million inhabitants and a size of only 43 thousand square kilometers. Still it is one of the most modern and developed nations in the world.

Denmark is highly dependent on brain power since we do not have many natural resources. This is why the educational system focuses hard on developing human resources. Denmark is known for its high standard of living and for a well-developed welfare system.

You may know some of the most famous products from Denmark, including B&O high-end television and stereo equipment, Novo pharmaceuticals, Carlsberg and Tuborg beer, Maersk transport and LEGO toys.

We also export a lot of agricultural products and a number of other well-known industrial products, including Grundfos pumps andDanfoss valves.

Denmark is a constitutional Monarchy and a representative democracy. Every Danish citizen over 18 has a vote to elect the politicians of the country.

Denmark is in general a free and openminded society, but as in any other culture there are a few everyday habits and common practices that are good to be familiar with. In order to give new students a good start, Dania offers a thorough introduction to Danish society.