Study Start – your free education guide – will inform about the different accommodation options in each country and city and how to apply for it.

Get assistance and spare mistakes

Study Start will give you the best advises about where you have the best chance of getting an accommodation and when is the best time to apply, to spare you time and mistakes.

We will also give you some good tips and tricks about how to save money and about discounts for students.

For those who want to share apartment – we will provide information on how to find a roommate, read more below.

Accommodation options

There are multiple accommodation options in each city: student apartments, dormitories, apartments from both public and private landlords, house sharing – depending on preference and the length of your stay.

House sharing

House sharing offer great opportunities for socializing and meeting new friends and off course – saves money on rent. You can share your students apartment with one or two friends or rent a larger apartment and share with several people.

Student apartments

The student apartments have various standards as there are different buildings for student housing in each city. Be aware that some student apartments are furnished and some are not. The apartments are always in a good condition, fresh painted and clean.


Some of the universities provide dormitories to their students, where dinner is also served. The rooms are usually furnished, however you will still need to bring a blanket/duvet and bed sheets. Cutlery and dishes may be available in the common kitchens, as well as cooking utensils. Living in dormitories is not mandatory.


It’s possible to rent a big flat if there are about 3-4 students who want to live together. Please note that the flats are not furnished. The number of rooms in a flat does not refer to bedrooms but to the total number of rooms, this means that a four-roomed flat might only have 2-3 bedrooms

What to expect from student apartments ?

Single-room flats are about 20 – 30 m² large and two-room flats are about 30 – 40 m² large. It is often allowed to share residence with another student and share the rent.

The student residences usually have own kitchen and a bathroom. The kitchen is equipped with an electric cooker, a fridge, a sink and a stove top. There is a shower, WC and a sink in a bathroom.

What to bring

Only a few residences provide furniture so be aware of this when you are applying for a room.

Even if you get one of the furnished student rooms, you will need to bring a blanket/duvet and bed sheets. Cutlery and dishes may be available in the common kitchens, as well as cooking utensils.

If you choose an unfurnished room, you need to furnish your room after arrival. You can find cheap furniture at one of the many second hand shops or buy from other students, or find quite cheap things in e.g. IKEA. We provide our students with an information on where to buy a good second-hand furniture for low prices or even get for free. More about what to bring for apartment, read below.


The prices for accommodation vary according to the type of room, to the location and to other amenities. The rent has to be paid in advance, at the beginning of each month. Read more below.


A deposit is mandatory when moving into a new apartment. The amount varies, but it’s often the equivalent of 3 months’ rent. It is usually higher for private housing and newer apartments. After moving out you will get all or partly your deposit back, depending on the conditions how you leave the apartment.

How to apply for housing

It can be very difficult to get accommodation in larger cities – especially in Copenhagen and Aarhus (Demark), so it’s important to apply for housing as soon as you have decided to study abroad – before you receive your admission letter. You can always cancel you housing application later on.

Housing guarantee 

In some cities there is housing guarantee for international students. The guaranteed housing offer means that as a new student, you can receive priority on the list of available single room accommodations. Obviously, the sooner you apply, the sooner you will receive an offer of accommodation. There are some specific terms and conditions you should be aware, Study Start will inform you more about the housing guarantee in each city.

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