So, you are thinking about studying abroad – GREAT IDEA! This is the first step towards a successful career in an international environment and an amazing study experience abroad!

Studying abroad is a grate way to:
– Make new friends from different countries, learn different cultures and expanding your international network,
– Experience of living abroad for a long period of time,
– Personal development, becoming more independent, growing your self-confidence and independence,
– Improve language skills and even learn a new language,
– Career opportunities, new perspective on culture, language skills and a great education.

Study Start – your free education guide


Study Start will guide you step by step through the application process and help you to apply for university, find housing and study job and mach more – and it`s totally free!

Sometimes it’s hard to find out what documentation is needed for each program and university and how to make a good application. Study Start will guide you through the whole process in 3 steps:

#1 How to apply

It’s a great idea to have an experienced assistant when applying for studies. It will spare you time and a lot of mistakes.

Study Start is free study guide with many years of experience in helping young people from different countries to apply for studies abroad. We know the application processes very well and will give you a lot of useful advice on how to make a successful application.

#2 Practical things

Housing – job – scholarships

Study Start will help you with all the practicalities, such as finding housing, job and applying for scholarship.

#3 Meet other students

Study Start will help you to get together with other students from your and other countries – it’s a grate way to meet your fellow students, find a roommate even before you arrive at university, read more below.

Let’s start!

What do you want to study?

Please, write us in a few words – what would you like to study – and we will guide you through the application process.

To help you best, please, write:

  • Your previous education,
  • What subjects would you like to study,
  • Education type you are interested in – full-time, part-time, e-learning etc.,
  • Education level you would like to study – Bachelor, Masters, summer school,
  • Where to study – country, city, region etc.

Read more:

How to apply

Practical things

Meet other students