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2013-05-10 Sandra Umbrovska

VIA University College, Teko Design + Business

Scandinavia’s largest design and business academy within the fashion and lifestyle

VIA University College, Teko Design + Business (TEKO) is Scandinavia’s largest design and business academy within the fashion and lifestyle industry. More than 1100 students are currently enrolled in our vocational or AP Degree programmes within the areas of fashion and textiles, as well as furniture and furnishings.

With a wide range of further education and consultancy services, the TEKO Knowledge Centre and the entrepreneurial house TEKO Seeds offer new knowledge and advice to companies, employees and entrepreneurs within the industry.


All courses are taught in English, all exam papers are to be written in English, and all oral examinations will take place in English.

The courses at TEKO will give students a foretaste of the activities of the fashion and lifestyle industries. That is why problem-based learning, project work and case work based on real-life situations are widely used by lecturers and instructors. Furthermore, a wide range of business people from relevant companies are invited in to give lectures on industry-related issues.

During your education, you will acquire knowledge about working processes and perspectives in every department within the business; this happens through studies and cooperation across the different specialities. Moreover, intensive learning takes place in class discussions and guidance sessions on a one-to-one basis.


Through a work experience period in a company you will obtain in-depth trade knowledge, and you will have the opportunity to try out what you have learned, so far, in your course.


Through study trips, in Denmark and abroad, you will be introduced to the industry via company presentations and visits to relevant companies; experiences and insight which you can use in your future career.


An education at TEKO qualifies you to work with life style assignments in connection with design, technology and business. You are going to work nationally and internationally in connection with control and implementation of the design process – from idea to sales and distribution.

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Practical information

Here you can see the approximate living expenses in Herning:

COSTS (Herning)

Type of costs

First month, EURO

Other months, EURO

Rent/month incl. warm, water,

280 – 500

280 – 500

Deposit for the accommodation

800 – 1400


Furniture, plates and dishes

approx. 400



250 – 550 0

Study material fee



Internet at home (free at school)

13 – 35

13 - 35


100 – 200

100 - 200

Mobile phone







1843 – 3085 393 – 735


The website My Study Start: Accommodation in Herning, contains instructions in English for applying for a room, as well as a list with dormitories, listed according to town areas and room types (single, couple, couple with children).

Applications must be made well before coming to Denmark, as the demand for accommodations is high and the number of places limited. The waiting times might be long.

For more information about accommodation in Herning contact us to:


Offered study programmes:

VIA University College, Teko Design + Business offers 20 study programmes in English:


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